How to find “zero-dollar” fundraisers on Facebook

Experience tells us that if you can reach fundraisers earlier in their fundraising journey to engage them, they will raise more. But with Facebook Giving Tools you don’t get notified when someone starts a fundraiser for your nonprofit.

There are currently two ways to find out who has created a fundraiser for your organisation. The Fundraisers tab on your nonprofit’s Facebook page and in your Facebook transaction reports (note: there is no transaction report for fundraisers but you can work out fundraisers from all the transactions – or use GivePanel ????).

The problem is that your Fundraisers tab on your nonprofit’s Facebook page only shows fundraisers that have raised more than $50 (or the USD equivalent if you are not in the United States).  Also – you will only see fundraisers in your transaction report when they have had their first donation.

So how do you find out fundraisers that have not raised anything? (what is called “zero-dollar” fundraisers).

Using the search field in Facebook, head to where Facebook has created a homepage for fundraisers. Here people can find the different categories of fundraisers that they can create a fundraiser for as well as instructions on how to set one up. This is where you can also see the current most popular fundraisers on Facebook.

To find your fundraisers before they even have a donation or their donation is below $50, click on the ‘explore’ tab on the left-hand side. When the page loads, you can then search by your nonprofit’s name. However if it’s similar to other nonprofits, it will show all of them – which obviously isn’t ideal! It also shows any fundraisers who have included that word in their description as well as similar words. In the example we show in the video below (where you can see this all, step-by-step), we’ve used the nonprofit, Refuge. When we search, using the search function, it brings up anyone who has used ‘refuge’ in their description or even ‘refugees’.

A tip to improve the search is to use your nonprofit’s Facebook handle. Refuge is actually ‘RefugeCharity’ on Facebook so when using that it the search field, it brings up their fundraisers first. However, it still brings up other nonprofits too who have the word ‘charity’.

A top hack to get around this is to create a unique code or word in the description area of each fundraiser – which as a nonprofit, you get to set. That way, you can use that unique code or word to search for those fundraisers who have raised zero dollars or less than $50. Once you’ve identified those fundraisers, you can reach out to them and help them reach their target by sharing your fundraising tips with them.

We’ll be soon allowing you to add these ‘zero fundraisers’ directly to GivePanel through using a browser plugin, so watch this space!

If you want to see the hack, watch this short video by our CEO and Founder, Nick Burne.

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