Announcing three new GivePanel features to help you with your Facebook fundraising

We’ve had a VERY busy few months here at GivePanel, listening to feedback from our Beta partners and working hard on refining and improving the platform. Whether you’re already using GivePanel – the Power Tool for Facebook fundraising – or you’re thinking about signing up, we want to update you on what we’ve been working on.

Whilst we’re continuously improving the platform all the time – and have many exciting new features coming this year – here are 3 brand new features that we think you’ll love!

Get fundraiser contact details with the integrated & customizable data capture form

We know how important it is for causes to collect data from their fundraisers so that they can onboard them to a fundraising journey and build a relationship over time. However, gathering their data has to be in a GDPR compliant way. Nonprofits can now insert a short link into their GivePanel message templates (for example, when you send a fundraiser a ‘thank you’ message) which will send fundraisers to a mobile-optimized data capture form to gather their information.

The form is editable and allows you to completely control which fields you collect as well as to insert your own terms and marketing opt-in statements for GDPR. Once the fundraiser has filled in their details, they are then automatically stored in that Facebook fundraiser’s record in GivePanel – like a CRM.

Code events easily with automation

If you’re running an event, it’s so important that any fundraising towards that event is accounted for. Nonprofits can now add events in their GivePanel account settings and apply keywords to those events that will automatically tag fundraisers. So – for example, if you have places in the Boston marathon you can add in those keywords or if you have places in a bike ride event, you could add an event with keywords “Bike Ride” and any fundraiser that comes through will automatically be coded with that event.

The event keywords will be displayed in your export data to allow for better reporting. In the future we will also give you more filter options on the dashboard to see this type of activity. For example, you will be able to filter the dashboard metrics by “Birthday” as an event, to see how much birthday income you have raised or what the average birthday fundraiser is over time. How exciting is that?

See different date ranges in a few clicks

Feedback from our current customers has been that it’s very useful to “see all Facebook fundraising in one place”. Nonprofits often use the dashboard revenue graph to report on revenue by month or quarterly period so we’ve now added an improved date selector in GivePanel that easily allows you to select different dates to see your Facebook fundraising data over time. We’re making reporting more effective to help save you time.

We hope you find these new features useful! We’re always open to feedback so get in touch to suggest improvements or new features.

Not a GivePanel customer? Why not book a free demo to see what we can do! We guarantee to save you time and help supercharge your Facebook fundraisers.

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