There is one core feature nonprofits really want from the Facebook fundraising tools and that is that nonprofits want to be notified when someone sets up a new fundraiser for them.

This is key information to help support fundraisers in their efforts while they are still excited and enthusiastic about their fundraiser.

We know if you can engage a fundraiser earlier they will raise more! This is one of the top requests from nonprofits to Facebook but for some reason, we still don’t have the feature, so Facebook must have their reasons. But just because you don’t have notifications this doesn’t mean you can’t find information about new fundraisers in other ways. With this in mind, we have listed our four workarounds to help you to locate your wonderful, new fundraisers.

1. Search and Explore

Finds all fundraisers but it is very time consuming

Head to and this will take you to the home page for Facebook Fundraisers. Here you will find all of the different categories of fundraisers that can be created as well as instructions on how to set one up. You can also see the current, most popular fundraisers on Facebook. To find the fundraisers that have been set up in aid of your nonprofit before they even have a donation on them or if they have raised less than $50, click on the ‘explore’ tab on the left-hand side.

When the page loads, you can then search by your nonprofit’s name. A quick heads up, if there are other nonprofits with a similar name it will show them all – which isn’t great! It also shows any fundraisers who have included the name of your nonprofit within the description of their fundraiser as well as similar words.

There are a few tips and tricks to find fundraisers for your specific organization and we have written a blog specifically about how to find these fundraisers, using this search and explore feature. The disadvantage of this method is that there is a lot of manual effort to do this and so it is time consuming for nonprofit staff.

2. Your Charity Page Fundraisers Tab

Quick and easy but you can’t see all of your fundraisers

When you turn on the tools your page will have a tab that says ‘Fundraisers’. Here you can find a list of some of your wonderful fundraisers. This isn’t the most reliable method of identifying your fundraisers though as Facebook fundraisers will only show up here if they have raised the equivalent of $50 or more.

3. In the Facebook transaction reports

Time consuming and complex but you can see all fundraisers that have had at least one donation

In your page settings, you have access to transaction reports which list every donation you get from Facebook giving tools. There is no report specifically for fundraisers but you can work out who they are from all of the transactions (if you’re a spreadsheet wizard). If you’re not sure how to find your transaction report, we’ve written a speedy guide here. (it’s FAQ 5)

4. Use GivePanel

Quick and easy, you can see all fundraisers that have had at least one donation & it shows you which ones are new

Or you can use GivePanel! In case you haven’t heard GivePanel is the new power tool for Facebook Fundraising. Within GivePanel, all of your new Facebook Fundraisers who you’re yet to communicate with and thank, are automatically labelled as ‘new’. No more spreadsheets! You can now easily see all your new fundraisers, even if they have not yet raised $50 and so have not appeared on your Facebook page. GivePanel is also much easier to share across people in your organization 🙂

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