We’re big fans of thanking Facebook fundraisers. After all, they’ve taken on a challenge or donated their birthday to help raise funds for your cause so it’s only right and proper to thank them – just as you would any fundraiser. But…. we bet you’ve got loads of people doing Facebook fundraisers for you and it’s probably getting difficult staying on top of it all. Don’t worry, we’ve got some awesome time saving tips to help you!

1. Make it a daily habit

What many nonprofits don’t realise is that a Birthday fundraiser only lasts one or two weeks (compared to a fundraising event where the fundraiser may raise funds over two or three months). This means if you are not reaching out to new fundraisers every day you are missing out on the opportunity to engage them when they are most excited about fundraising for you.

If the thought of dealing with Facebook Transactions reports on a daily basis (and all the manual work with the data that involves) is not very appealing, GivePanel does make this process easier by doing a lot of the data manipulation for you.

2. Keep track

We’d really recommend keeping a note of who you have thanked so that you don’t miss anyone out. In GivePanel, we have labels that you can assign to fundraisers to keep track of whether they are new or if they’ve been thanked already. This saves loads of time, helps you organise your fundraisers and means you don’t miss anyone out. Don’t have a GivePanel account? You can also use Excel, although it could get unwieldy!

3. Create message templates

You will save loads of time if you create different message templates that you can then copy and paste – just don’t forget to personalise them by using their name when you post! In GivePanel you can save your message templates, which automatically personalises by name, saving even more time. Not on GivePanel? You can use a Word document or similar.

4. Share the load

If you have lots of thanking to do each day, why not get a volunteer or team member to help you? Just make sure to give them the appropriate access to your Facebook Page and to train them up properly so they know your thanking process and guidelines.

If you are struggling to share complicated spreadsheets across teams, you might want to check out GivePanel. Because GivePanel is a cloud-based platform, multiple people can use it at any one time, making it effortless for different teams to work on your Facebook fundraising simultaneously.

We’d really recommend creating clear guidelines so that if you’re off sick or on holiday, a colleague can easily pick it up.

5. Check your internet speed

The last thing you want when thanking multiple fundraisers, is a slow internet speed. Many things can impact this, from other colleagues also using the internet to having lots of tabs open in your browser – streaming video is a big killer of connection speed. If you know you’re going to be thanking a lot of fundraisers, either ask to work from home or try doing it at a time when you know fewer people will be using the internet. Imagine you have hundreds of fundraisers to thank, and you’re switching between tabs. If it takes a long time for the fundraiser page to load because of a slow connection, times this by multiple fundraisers and you’re spending a whole lot of time waiting.

6. Make sure you’re comfortable

If you have loads of Facebook fundraisers, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time managing the process. If you’re lucky enough to have two screens, make sure you use them! Having your Facebook fundraisers on one screen and GivePanel or Excel on the other will help save time because you don’t have to flip from tab to tab. Also make sure you have a comfortable chair, so you don’t strain your neck or hurt your back, and a good mouse so that you don’t strain your wrist. When you do any tasks repeatedly, small adjustments make all the difference!

Have you got any time saving tips to share with us? Tweet us at @GivePanel – we’d love to hear them.