New Feature – Virtual Event Registrations for Facebook Fundraisers

Even B.C. (Before Coronavirus) we were seeing a handful of GivePanel clients get huge volumes of Facebook fundraisers.

Turns out these clients were doing virtual events in a new way to get people fundraising for them in droves using a unique combination of Facebook tools. We started calling these new virtual events “Facebook Challenges”.

Now with Coronavirus keeping everyone at home, virtual events are the new big thing that everyone is talking about. In fact, we recently wrote a whole e-book about why Facebook is the only platform you should consider for your virtual fundraising event and how to do it.

We’ve also just released an amazing tool that will help you with running virtual events on Facebook. We call it Registrations.

With Registrations you can get people to register for your virtual event and then match that registration data against your Facebook fundraising data so you can see who has started a fundraiser and how much they have raised. In this way you will get 100% of the contact details for your fundraisers BEFORE they set up their Facebook fundraiser!

Before we built this in GivePanel the only option charities had was manually matching virtual event registration data with Facebook fundraising data, taking hours and hours of staff time.

Have a look at this video from our Founder & CEO Nick Burne where he shows you our new virtual event registration feature in action.



''How would you raise more on Facebook this giving season?''