Here’s a round up of just some of our favourite Facebook Fundraising resources from May. Hand picked just for you.????

1. Facebook Web Conference for Nonprofits – Responding to the COVID Crisis

When: May 28, 2020 10:30- 3:15pm CET (Madrid)

Facebook have announced that they are hosting their own online conference presented by nonprofits, experts and of course Facebook on how to drive engagement and fundraising growth during this time of crisis. 

They will be looking at some of the key challenges that nonprofits are currently facing and how the shift to digital and leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram can present a host of opportunities to engage with your supporters. 

Key topics that will be covered include: 

  • How to drive fundraising growth and the pivot strategically to digital
  • The importance of creativity and innovation during a crisis 
  • How to tell your organisation’s story and effectively communicate on digital platforms 
  • New opportunities and growth hacks on Facebook and Instagram using ads, donation tools and much more. 

2. Virtual Classes – Social Good Spotlight Online

Facebook are hosting intensive virtual classes designed to equip NGOs, humanitarian organizations and grassroot charities with key skills to boost their presence on Facebook and Instagram, build community, increase awareness and strengthen financial sustainability.

There are 6 main topics, each topic leads you on a learning journey aimed at different levels of digital marketing proficiency – from beginners to intermediate to advanced solutions.

3. The M+R Benchmarks Study (Facebook Fundraising)

The M+R Benchmarks Study collects a vast array of data from nonprofits across a wide spectrum of issue areas, and track the key metrics that are driving digital marketing, advocacy, and fundraising programs. We recommend checking out the Facebook Fundraising section! 

4. Interview – What’s The Next Normal for Nonprofit Fundraising?

‘’Honestly, one of the liveliest, best discussions ever! You will NOT be disappointed! ‘’

Join the Nonprofit Social Media Nerds for a lively discussion around the question on everyone’s mind: What’s the next normal for nonprofit fundraising in a post-pandemic world?

Guests include international fundraising expert Tom Ahern, Founder of GivePanel and Facebook Fundraising expert Nick Burne, and journalist and the Director of the Filipino American National Historical Museum, Emil Guillermo.

5. Webinar – How to get people fundraising for you on Facebook (even while they stay home!)

The new virtual events model that is raising millions for non-profits on Facebook.

It’s obvious that a lot of charities have lost fundraising income recently and things are not looking good results wise. There is a bit of panic out there in fundraising land. At the same time we’ve been seeing some clients get huge volumes of Facebook fundraisers.

Turns out they were doing something very different to get people fundraising for them using a combination of Facebook tools in a unique way. 

This new way of doing virtual events might just be the next BIG WAVE after birthday fundraisers, driven by Coronavirus shutdowns of offline fundraising. In this session Nick will unpack the five tactics you need to get this going for your organisation.

6. E84 – Charity Chat Podcast

Nick and Giles talk about relationship building in response to COVID-19.  Nick Burne, CEO and Founder of GivePanel and leads Nick Burne Consulting Ltd as Managing Director. Giles Pegram, vice-chair of the Commission on the Donor Experience, an initiative aimed at transforming fundraising, received the Institute of Fundraising/Professional Fundraising Awards “Lifetime Achievement in Fundraising” award in 2002 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising. 

‘’Nick’s enthusiasm for doing virtual events and engaging your supporters through Facebook is inspiring. Giles is, of course, a legendary fundraiser with incredible expertise and experience, having among his qualifications 30 years as Appeals Director at the NSPCC where the ground-breaking Full Stop appeal raised over £250 million pounds.’’

7. Online Guide – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nonprofit Resources

If you’re trying to understand how to better navigate your nonprofit through the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Facebook have compiled specific Facebook tools recommendations as well as resources from leading health authorities on how to communicate information in an effective, relevant and timely fashion.

8. Online Guide – Fundraising with Facebook Live

Did you know you can fundraise with Facebook Live? Here Facebook talks about how to add the donate button to a Facebook Live and they share their top tips for making it a success! 

9. Blog – Your Voice: Using Facebook for fundraising

Born on Facebook, A Drop in the Ocean (Dråpen i Havet) continues to raise almost half of its total income through the platform. Fundraising Europe interviews founder Trude Jacobsen about what led her – a Norwegian in the telecoms industry – to set up the refugee aid organisation and how important Facebook is for the organisation’s fundraising.

10. e-book – The new Virtual Events model that is raising millions for Non-Profits on Facebook

In this e-book you will discover:
  • How to come up with a serial killer ”stay at home” fundraising idea that gets you more Facebook Fundraisers
  • The MOST important secret to getting people actually fundraising for you
  • The #1 method to get 100% of the contact data for your Facebook Fundraisers
''How would you raise more on Facebook this giving season?''