You’ve probably seen a lot of noise about ‘’virtual events’’ but you might be wondering what they actually are or how you can create a successful virtual event which is going to help you raise some much needed revenue right now.

According to JustGiving in 2018 Virtual events grew over 1,100%. This year we’re seeing this increase even more dramatically because many fundraising events have been affected by Coronavirus.

Here are 5 of our favourite virtual event fundraising ideas that we are seeing work right now across all the nonprofits that are signed up to GivePanel.

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1. Long Distance Challenges

Whether it’s walking, running or cycling, long distance challenges are probably performing the best right now. This is because they are similar to the events that have been cancelled such as marathons and they are easy for people to understand.

They also have a higher average gift because of the associated difficulty which people take into consideration when they are donating. Also, with all of these fitness gadgets and apps out there now it is super easy for people to track their progress.

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For you animal nonprofits out there, distance challenges also work great when combined with dogs!

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2. Healthy Lifestyle Challenges

Not all physical challenges have to be about long distances. For many people walking 10,000 steps a day is more challenging to them than it is for those that are able to run 100K. These types of challenges are great because they are more inclusive for people who aren’t able to take part in the more physically demanding challenges.

Walking is good for the majority of people and therefore there is a natural synergy between these types of challenges and many the mission of many nonprofit organisations.

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3. Stay at Home Fitness

During the lockdown people haven’t been able to go down to the gym or attend their usual fitness classes so staying fit at home has been something people have been piling into. Joe Wicks anyone?

By choosing something that people already want to do, this makes signing up a no brainer and will help you to recruit more fundraisers. Just be sure to remove any barriers. (e.g. by picking a challenge that doesn’t require the supporter to buy expensive equipment)

Ideas that come under this category include press ups/push ups, squats, sit ups and plenty more.

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4. Hair Dares

Whether it’s cutting off those locks, growing a mullet or braving a mohawk, Hair Dares are a great way for pretty much anyone to get involved. Anything hair related is always popular in the NewsFeed.

Find something relevant to the current situations people find themselves in. It helps if the challenge is something people already want to do. Hair Dares work so well in the current climate because at the moment people are unable to go to the hairdressers / barbers.

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5. Tricky, complex or strange

There’s no denying that the Facebook Newsfeed is a very busy place. So it’s important that your challenge stands out amongst all of the noise. By doing something different and “crazy” it will help you cut-through and stop those thumbs scrolling.

Here, anything goes (well almost anything). The more “out there” or strange or funny you can make it the better.

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