Nearly every message I send on facebook and whatsapp has an emoji in it! Not only are they fun ???? but they also replace so many words.

When it comes to saying thank you by posting on facebook fundraisers pages you need to first look at where your supporters are… They are on a platform where they share photos of their new ????, share snaps from their ???? and what ????️ they did at the gym.

Facebook is where they add casual replies to their friends posts and where people hang out to see what everyone is up to! So the use of the emoji makes sense here!

Here are some of our favourite examples

At GivePanel we encourage our clients to use emojis in the thank you messages they post on their facebook fundraisers pages… ????  There are a few reasons why…

It makes your copy shorter

We didn’t always use emojis in our on page messaging but what the emoji does is shorten the message that we post on the Facebook Fundraisers page. This, we have found, is crucial to the success of the message in terms of engagement. If a picture paints a thousand words, an emoji paints at least ????!

It makes it more personal

Your fundraisers communicate in a relaxed way on facebook so by talking with them like a friend would you are automatically going to win their attention ????.

It conveys tone and emotion

The use of an emoji in your message conveys emotions in a soft way that people inherently understand and connect with. They help set a playful and fun tone to a serious ???? and help put them at ease!

The ???? like is the language Facebook was built on so it makes sense to use emojis where we are used to seeing them!

Here’s how some of our clients use emojis in their messages on their facebook fundraisers pages…

Some nonprofits offer a value exchange; a ???? in return for filling in a data capture form.

Some love spreading the ♥️ and use their brand colours to do so ????????????????????.

Others congratulate their supporters for finishing their challenge ???? and we love seeing the ???? show up too!


It’s so easy to add an emoji to your messages and the best advice we can give you is to have fun with them ????, use them sparingly but effectively and thank your supporters like you would a friend!

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