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Our Top Takeaways from the 2020 Facebook Fundraising Benchmarks Report

The 2020 Facebook Fundraising Benchmarks Report takes an in-depth look at Facebook fundraisers from over 150 GivePanel charities across the UK, Ireland and the USA. But how can you use this wealth of data to drive your own fundraising forward? 

Watch the deep dive below to learn from Nick Burne, GivePanel founder and CEO, and Matt Smith, Lead Consultant at THINK Consulting, as they discuss the most actionable takeaways from the report:

They explore the major trends highlighted in the Facebook Fundraising Benchmarks Report and look at the different types of fundraisers and Facebook fundraising across 2019 and 2020.

The report itself focuses on the insights learned from studying the following fundraising activities that take place on Facebook: 

Our advice: Turn on the tap, get to grips with the data, develop a supporter journey for Facebook fundraisers, drive more Facebook fundraisers by piloting a Facebook challenge & keep investing in social channels.