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Five Social Fundraising Trends Worth Monitoring

If you are like me, then you probably love learning social fundraising hacks that help your organisation raise more on Facebook. Well, you are in luck because here are five developments that we’re excitedly watching that could all impact your social returns in a big way.


What We’re Monitoring:

1. NEW TOOL: Instagram Group Fundraising

2. NEW UPDATE: Customising Your Fundraiser Mission

3. NEW LEARNING: Changing your Fundraiser Run Date

4. NEW WARNING: What not to do


New to Facebook fundraising? Read our Facebook Giving Tools FAQs.


Instagram Group Fundraising

Group Fundraisers on Instagram? Super exciting!! We’ve only had Instagram donations up until now so this is new.

To manage your expectations there is not a lot in the data you can do with these fundraisers and it’s in no way similar to Facebook group fundraising. We don’t know if this will change over time or not. That’s up to Facebook.

For GivePanel users, we are working on how best to display this information but for now you will see Instagram fundraisers are in the overall fundraiser table. They will not have a Fundraiser name, the title will be your organisation name and if you click “View Page” it will just take you to Instagram.com. A number of our charities are using labels and internal codes to flag them for further review.

Of course, over time we will do our best to help you engage your Instagram fundraisers as well as your Facebook ones and update GivePanel to give you more information and insights into your Instagram fundraising.

Although our research shows that’s it is currently accounting for a very small percentage of overall fundraising happening through the Facebook ecosystem – this is definitely an exciting development that is worth monitoring. Read more about the new release here.


Change Your Default  Facebook Fundraiser Text

You can finally easily edit the default text that appears on Facebook fundraisers! Facebook have moved the ‘mission statement’ text to the Donation Settings screen. You can find and easily edit this text by going to your charities page in Business Manager and navigating to the Donation Settings page. You should also be able to follow this link: https://business.facebook.com/CHARITYNAME/settings/ (you will still need to be an admin of your page to do this).   TOP TIP: We’ve seen some amazing results from simply changing this text. One pioneering charity saw a 10% uplift in their fundraising just by inserting a CTA in the fundraiser description for others to create a fundraiser themselves direct from the description. i.e Want to join me in taking on this challenge? Set up your own fundraiser here: INSERT LINK

Facebook Fundraising End Date

This one is pretty simple. Facebook fundraisers default to run for 14 days from the day on which they were created. We see pages with run dates extended beyond the 14 days raising over 20% more. With GivePanel’s, customer fundraiser creation tool you can do that as standard but otherwise encourage all your supporters to extend the end date on their pages before it’s too late. Sadly, if your supporter’s page expires then it can’t be relaunched!

Don’t Break T&C’s

Don’t break the rules. I know that it’s tough to keep with all the changes with best practices around Facebook fundraising however it’s much easier to follow the rules. Two common rule breaks that we’ve seen causing problems recently are:

Creating fake profiles to monitor Facebook groups.  

Don’t set up separate accounts – it’s against Facebook’s terms and conditions. They’re very strict on this, it’s one profile per individual and they shut down second / work profiles all the time – sometimes with no warning.
Our best advice is:
– add everyone as admins to the Facebook page through their own profiles
– get everyone to set the privacy settings on their profiles to ‘friends only’. That way, group members will only see their profile photo and name, not their personal feed or info.
– they can interact as themselves in the group, and definitely should not accept friend requests or dm’s.

Secondly, be careful of using/abusing Facebook Messenger.

Many fundraisers still try and interact with supporters directly from one personal profile to another via messenger. This isn’t smart. Don’t do it.

Instead, thank people publically and personally from your charity page. The results from just saying thank you to your fundraisers are staggering.

Also, be wary of messenger automation and bots. Facebook has recently changed their rules and Messenger has very specific limitations on how it can be used on Facebook. Specifically, charities can no longer build relationships after key events i.e. birthday fundraisers or challenge events. This rule change means that if supporters do not respond to message within 1 day then you are not allowed to contact them again via messenger – read about this here. This is why many companies & charities have applied the brakes on their Messenger projects.

Be Human

At GivePanel, we’re constantly testing new methods to provide your supporters with the best social fundraising experience and still believe that human to human connection wins 100% of the time. Technical concerns aside, robots are not yet human enough to write sensitive thank you messages or recognise what people are going through. A human having a quick glance at the fundraiser’s page and profile will outperform a bot every time and trying to automate this process today is significantly undervaluing the opportunity. 

For us, we see a future in Messenger but it’s one to approach very cautiously.

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