7 reasons Facebook Ad “Power Ups” for Facebook Donate are a game changer for charities

You may have heard that nonprofits are getting some really cool “power-ups” to the way Facebook Ads work with Facebook Donate.

Here’s how Facebook describes it:

“Nonprofit organizations who are onboarded to the Facebook Fundraising tools now have the option to bring their donation advertising campaigns onto the Facebook platform with On-Facebook Donation Ads. This new signal-resilient product enables your organization to benefit from Facebook’s personalized advertising solutions with two new Custom Audiences: previous donors and previous fundraiser creators. On-Facebook Donation Ads will enable you to measure conversions, your return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook within Ads Manager and understand which ad tactics, such as creative or audience, work best. Your donors will also have the opportunity to share their contact information with you in a privacy-safe way if they choose, so that you can reach them via your CRM in the future”

Not sure what that means, or need more detail and insight into exactly what the changes are? 

Take a look at our previous post that covered Facebook’s announcement: Facebook Ads Power-Up for Facebook Donate: Another game-changer in the world of Facebook fundraising.

To help charities navigate these new Facebook fundraising features, the GivePanel team held a webinar for  nonprofits who have turned on the Facebook Giving Tools to guide them through the reasons that Facebook Donate Power Ups are a game changer for charities.

In the webinar, we covered how Facebook Donate Power-ups can help you with:

  1. Radically Higher Conversion Rates
  2. Better Ad Performance (Higher ROAS)
  3. More granular reporting that will help you understand your audience better
  4. Possibilities of retention and engagement are endless
  5. Great for Acquiring NEW donors and fundraisers
  6. It could change your view of the “data trade-off”
  7. Removes the need for landing pages

Want the full breakdown? Email us at insights@givepanel.com if you want a copy of the webinar slides, which contain a full specification breakdown in the appendix.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the 7 reasons that  Facebook Donate Power Ups are a game changer for charities.

1. Radically Higher Conversion Rates

Convenience trumps just about everything online. With these changes, people will be able to click directly from a Facebook Ad into the donation experience without leaving Facebook.

Many Facebook users will have their card and/or PayPal account already stored in Facebook, which will only increase with adoption and means it’s even quicker to donate.

We could be looking at as much as a 10x difference in conversion rates compared to your website donation page, depending on how good – or bad – it is.

2. Better Facebook Ad Performance (Higher ROAS)

Because Facebook donations are now a conversion event, you will be able to optimise your Facebook Ad campaigns for conversions. 

The increase in conversion rates from being on-Facebook will mean more conversions for Facebook’s algorithm to learn form and optimize towards. This will bring down Cost Per Acquisition and should improve campaign results. 

This new feature also basically helps to solve the issue that came with iOS 14 with people opting out of Facebook tracking.

3. More granular reporting will help you understand your audience better

Because we can now track donations as conversions, you will be able to see Ad performance broken down by things like age, gender, device, placement – EVERYTHING! 

This will allow you to better know your audience and can improve your strategy by targeting the best-performing audiences.

4. Possibilities of retention and engagement are endless

You can use these new features to closely involve your Facebook donors and fundraisers in future campaigns and appeals by stringing together “journeys” of content. 

For example, a journey of content might look like:

  • Show a video after a donation is made
  • Show an impact story after the video
  • Show a value exchange after the impact story
  • Show a video after the value exchange
  • Show a newsletter sign up after the video
  • And so on…

5. Great for acquiring NEW donors and fundraisers

You’ll now be able to build lookalike audiences “on top of” the new custom audiences!

For example, you could tell Facebook to find the 5% of people on Facebook in the US that look most like your current donors and serve ads to them.

Lookalike audiences are much bigger than custom audiences so you can scale your Facebook Ads performance. Usually Lookalike audiences perform better than interest audiences too.

6. It could change your view of the “data trade-off”

We know one of the issues with Facebook is the lack of data, especially donor data.

You’ll now be able to show ads to donors on Facebook after they donate, and fundraisers after they create fundraising pages.

You can “re-target” them to capture data (i.e. an email newsletter sign up) or involve them in future campaigns.

Is it time to change our mindset around not being able to get 100% of the donor data in the first step?

Does the long term benefit of more donors, bigger audiences, more engagement over time not outweigh simply having all the data in your CRM?

7. Removes the need for landing pages

I actually forgot this one, but thanks to Fay Fagon from Teenage Cancer Trust for flagging this extra reason in our Free Facebook Support Group for Facebook Giving Tools:

As Fay explains, Facebook’s announcements means there is no need for tech set up or the need to design landing pages any more. You can simply set up your Facebook Fundraising tools and drive donors to them through using Facebook Ads.

In conclusion: Facebook Ad “Power Ups” for Facebook Donate

Radically higher conversion rates, better ad performance (higher ROAS), more granular reporting that will help you understand your audience better, possibilities of retention and engagement are endless, great for acquiring new donors and fundraisers, and it could change your view of the “data trade-off”.

Want to see the full webinar? Watch the video now. 

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