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Quick tips for running a successful supporter journey alongside your Facebook Fundraising campaign

Whilst all Facebook supporters are incredibly valuable for charities, it’s true that not all of them will have the same value to your organization. People who set up a fundraiser to raise money for your cause are arguably the most important – and so you should make sure to spend the time stewarding them and nurturing that relationship. Here is where supporter journeys come in handy. 

There are many ways in which your nonprofit can run a successful supporter journey alongside your Facebook Fundraising campaign. Jill O’Herlihy, Head of Managed Services at GivePanel, recommends an omnichannel approach, including on-page, social and email, as well as the more traditional offline channels. 

Now, over to Jill for her advice and quick tips for running a successful supporter journey alongside your Facebook Fundraising campaign!

The importance of on-page and email stewardship

Using email specifically alongside your on-page Facebook stewardship will help your charity to directly communicate with your fundraisers and develop longer-term relationships with your supporters, increasing their lifetime value. But, first things first, you need to make sure your on-page messaging is on point to deliver the optimum conversions and opt-in rates.

Here are the 7 best ways in which you can do this:

  1. Personalize it: make sure you are using the fundraiser’s name and sign it off from you.
  2. Make it snappy: there isn’t a whole lot of real estate for long flowing thank you’s here!
  3. Get their details: use a GivePanel form to get their details and do two things – include the form link high up in your message, and include an opt-in on the form. Remember, not a lot of real estate here. 
  4. Incentivize them: offer them something in return for their contact details—a physical or digital gift, and add some mystery to it rather than telling them what you’re sending. An attribution message works best to get contact data. 
  5. Excite them: use emojis where you can. Hearts in your brand colours work a treat – they communicate so much and are perfect for Facebook.
  6. Remember where they are: they’re on Facebook, so the language can be relaxed.
  7. No images: I know, it’s weird, but images don’t work here.. don’t distract them from filling in that form! 

So, what does that look like in action?

Here’s a great example of some content you could post directly on a fundraiser’s wall to people after they receive their first donation:

“Hi Sarah-Jane, Thank you so much for your support💜 

Pls fill in this short form {form link} so I can process your donations. This really helps our work.

Your support means we can protect the most vulnerable in our society from harm.

Thank you 


[email protected]

Now you have a brilliant message, guess what happens next…

The message will be posted on the fundraiser’s page after their first donation, with an invitation to fill in the form. 

Supporters will then start filling in your form, and up to 60% may opt-in to further marketing. This is where you need to act fast. Here is my golden tip to get the most out of your Facebook fundraising this holiday season:

Each day, grab all your opt-ins and add them to an email journey. Hit them with emails while their fundraiser is still live on Facebook – supporting and encouraging them to raise more. Just make sure to stay authentic and personalized. Show your supporters you care about them as an individual, and the difference they are making to your cause. 

What could this email journey look like?

  • Day 1: Thank you / Invite your friends to donate / Thank your donors.
  • Day 4: Impact story such as “£100 means we can…”. Share this on your fundraising page.
  • Day 6: Share your #supporterselfie with your donors on your fundraising page.
  • Day 9: Another thank you with a second impact story on the bigger picture.

We’re seeing charities who are doing this getting an uplift in the number of donations, the amount raised and also converting more Facebook fundraisers into lifelong supporters. 

Seems like a no-brainer, right? So, why not give it a try!

GivePanel Managed Services

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