5 virtual event fundraising ideas that are working on Facebook right now

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10 Facebook Fundraising resources for May 2020

Here’s a round up of just some of our favourite Facebook Fundraising resources from May. Hand picked just for you.🍎 Read more

What’s the experience like for a Facebook fundraiser?

Harry is our rockstar sales and marketing manager.
Here he shares his recent experience of running a Facebook Fundraiser.

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Four ways to identify new Facebook fundraisers

There is one core feature nonprofits really want from the Facebook fundraising tools and that is that nonprofits want to be notified when someone sets up a new fundraiser for them.

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Facebook Giving Tools – 12 Super Helpful FAQs

From how to register your non-profit for the Facebook Giving Tools to adding in the donate button to your charities, Facebook Page.

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7 Truly Impressive Giving Tool Statistics

A list of the most awesome Facebook Giving Tool statistics. Can you believe that over one billion dollars has been raised through the Tools since their inception in 2015.

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