When to use Facebook’s donate button vs a page fundraiser

If you’re just starting out with Facebook’s Giving Tools, how do you know when to add a Donate button to posts or when to start a Facebook Fundraiser?

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Case study: How one nonprofit is raising 40% of total income via Facebook Fundraisers

We spoke to Trude about how Facebook fundraising is helping them to raise vital funds for their work.

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How your nonprofit can prepare for Instagram Donate

There is much excitement about Instagram Donate! The Instagram Donation Sticker for Stories is now available in the US and here at GivePanel we are super excited about it.

If you haven’t started using it yet, or you’re based outside of the US you’ll want to start preparing to use this amazing feature.

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Five creative ways to thank your Facebook fundraisers

Are you harnessing the power of Facebook’s Giving Tools yet?
No doubt, if you’ve switched them on, you’ll have noticed people have started setting up fundraisers for your cause, without much prompting from you.

(Although here’s five ways to market them!).

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How to generate more Facebook Fundraisers for free

Facebook’s Giving Tools have raised $1 billion for good causes around the world! One of the most popular ways to fundraise on Facebook is by donating your birthday.

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How can I check that my nonprofit has Facebook’s Giving Tools?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that because you have a Donate button on your Facebook Page, this means that you also have Facebook’s Giving Tools. This isn’t the case.

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Why it’s not a good idea to message your Facebook fundraisers on Messenger

It’s exciting when someone creates a Facebook Fundraiser for your cause. Here we have some best practice on thanking.

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The best way to thank your Facebook Fundraisers

Any fundraiser worth their salt knows they should be thanking people who donate or fundraise for their cause. Read more