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5 simple ways to make your fundraising events more sustainable

Nonprofits around the world are under increasing pressure to be at the forefront of change to tackle the climate crisis and set meaningful targets for reducing their carbon footprint. The Chartered Institute of Fundraising sums it up brilliantly in their environmental change toolkit for fundraisers. When it comes to fundraising events, here at GivePanel we believe that a focus on increasing sustainability does not mean decreasing your expected impact or return on investment. And so, to support this year’s World Environment Day, we have pulled together 5 simple ways that you can make your nonprofit’s fundraising events more sustainable for the future (whilst still raising those all important funds for your cause). 

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How to come up with your next (winning) Facebook Challenge idea

Virtual fundraising events on Facebook have been incredibly successful in engaging supporters and raising funds for nonprofit organizations all over the world in recent years. However, with the constantly evolving market of social fundraising, charities need to stay on their toes if they are to find the next breakthrough concept and stay ahead of the curve.

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How Pancreatic Cancer UK innovated with In-Memory fundraising on Facebook

Whilst In-Memory is a key area for many nonprofits in connecting with their supporters, the idea of leveraging it as an arena for fundraising is often overlooked due to the sensitive nature of the ask. But, with the right model, In-Memory can unlock a largely untapped source of fundraising and, more importantly, the ability to nurture lifelong supporters.

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The complete guide to Facebook Charitable Giving Tools for nonprofits

Facebook Giving Tools have graced nonprofit’s screens since 2015 and have had a phenomenal impact on fundraising efforts worldwide, raising over $5 billion for causes globally. But with multiple features and new enhancements being continually launched, Facebook’s Giving Tools can feel a bit like falling down a rabbit hole.

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Facebook Fundraising issues affecting UK and Ireland: what your nonprofit can do

We are aware of an issue with the Facebook Charitable Giving Tools in the UK and some EU countries such as Ireland, whereby some donations aren’t appearing on fundraiser’s totals within fundraiser pages on Facebook. The impact of this is that some donors are not seeing their donations on their friend or family member’s fundraiser page in real time. Understandably, this is causing confusion and concern with fundraisers and donors.

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5 quick tips for Australian nonprofits running a Facebook Challenge in 2023

It’s almost the beginning of a new year (eek!) and if you’re anything like us, you’re busy planning out 2023’s activity. For many Australian nonprofit fundraising teams, that will likely include a Facebook Challenge or two. Whether you’re new to the scene or have a few Challenges under your belt, we’ve pulled together 5 quick tips that will help your nonprofit turn a good Facebook Challenge into an awesome one in 2023. 

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New GivePanel Feature: SMS for Facebook Fundraising

What would your social fundraising look like if you could reach almost all of your supporters and communicate with them on a platform that offers an almost 100% open rate? With our latest feature release, that idea is a reality. Enter, GivePanel SMS for Facebook Fundraising. 

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8 considerations for social fundraising in 2023

Forward planning may have seemed impossible recently, with more curveballs being thrown at us fundraisers than we know what to do with. But – dare we say it – we’re finally in a space where we can look ahead to the year 2023 (and not have to cover our eyes whilst doing so). 

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Thinking outside the box with Facebook Challenge ideas

If you’re a seasoned veteran of Facebook fundraising, you will likely have already partaken in a Facebook Challenge or two. Your supporters have walked 5km a day, given their glutes a workout with squats, and have even roped the dog into fundraising with them in return for an adorable bandana (and lots of treats).

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How to plan the perfect Facebook Challenge in 2023

Like many nonprofits, you will likely be planning your fundraising mix for the year ahead and deciding what campaign or activity to include. Read our expert guide to find out the latest advice and best practice to nail Facebook Challenges in 2023.

5 tips to maximize your year-end fundraising on Facebook

As of last month, there are reportedly over 2.9 billion users on Facebook. So using the platform as an arena for fundraising kinda seems like a no-brainer, right? We joined Community Boost at their latest Nonprofit Marketing Summit, or #NMS2022, to give you the tools and tips needed to navigate for success in Facebook’s blue seas.

Native Facebook Fundraiser Challenges for nonprofits: what you need to know

It’s safe to say that Facebook Challenges have been the “rising star” of the peer-to-peer fundraising world over recent years. And now, Facebook Challenges are moving on to the next chapter, with the brand new Fundraiser Challenges built natively within the Facebook platform. Here’s everything you need to know.

The importance of storytelling in peer-to-peer social fundraising

Storytelling is one of the most important tools for all fundraising. Stop for a moment and look around your everyday life; you will see we are surrounded by stories. They form our conversations, social media content, our entertainment, and are the main driver for most marketing and advertising regardless of the channel or sector, product, or service.

How to test with a Facebook Challenge and get results

2020 and 2021 were truly bumper years for Facebook fundraising and many charities saw record fundraising totals from Facebook Challenges held during this time, including Pancreatic Cancer UK. But can the results be repeated post-lockdown and what can be done differently?

Key Findings from the 2021 Facebook Fundraising Benchmark Report

We analyzed data from 240 charities across the UK and Ireland to produce the most comprehensive report into the state of Facebook fundraising today. From birthday fundraising and Facebook Challenges, to stewardship and In-Memory fundraising, we have the insights your organization needs to start supercharging your Facebook fundraising.

How to run an In-Memory Facebook Fundraising campaign for Father’s Day

How individuals might choose to remember their loved ones will depend on their lives and experiences, but it also depends on the fundraising opportunities presented to them. If your charity wants to raise more money whilst helping people honor their dads this Father’s Day, why not try a Facebook Fundraising campaign.

5 secrets of hyper-engaged social communities (with results!)

GivePanel’s Megan Rouse, SVP of Strategy & Development, North America and Ashly Alberto, Senior Director of Individual Giving & Foundations at American Foundation for Suicide Prevention share how a dog walking Facebook Challenge fostered an engaged, online community.

What is the GivePanel Academy?

With the Academy, you join a group of like-minded fundraisers who are dedicated to learning the strategies and tactics that will help drive more fundraising income. But what all does it include?

New GivePanel Feature: In-Memory Facebook Fundraisers

New GivePanel Feature: In-Memory Facebook Fundraisers

To help nonprofits to be Facebook-first in their approach to In-Memory fundraising, we are excited to be developing a brand new In-Memory feature within the GivePanel app. This is the first time people will be able to set up In-Memory fundraisers on Facebook. 

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