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The complete guide to Facebook Charitable Giving Tools for nonprofits

Facebook Giving Tools have graced nonprofit’s screens since 2015 and have had a phenomenal impact on fundraising efforts worldwide, raising over $5 billion for causes globally. But with multiple features and new enhancements being continually launched, Facebook’s Giving Tools can feel a bit like falling down a rabbit hole.

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Facebook Fundraising issues affecting UK and Ireland: what your nonprofit can do

We are aware of an issue with the Facebook Charitable Giving Tools in the UK and some EU countries such as Ireland, whereby some donations aren’t appearing on fundraiser’s totals within fundraiser pages on Facebook. The impact of this is that some donors are not seeing their donations on their friend or family member’s fundraiser page in real time. Understandably, this is causing confusion and concern with fundraisers and donors.

Native Facebook Fundraiser Challenges for nonprofits: what you need to know

It’s safe to say that Facebook Challenges have been the “rising star” of the peer-to-peer fundraising world over recent years. And now, Facebook Challenges are moving on to the next chapter, with the brand new Fundraiser Challenges built natively within the Facebook platform. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to run an In-Memory Facebook Fundraising campaign for Father’s Day

How individuals might choose to remember their loved ones will depend on their lives and experiences, but it also depends on the fundraising opportunities presented to them. If your charity wants to raise more money whilst helping people honor their dads this Father’s Day, why not try a Facebook Fundraising campaign.

Five reasons NOT to contact the donors of Facebook fundraisers

We like to say that there are two different types of donors: those who donate directly to the nonprofit via the Donate button and those who sponsor a friend via a fundraiser. We believe that nonprofits do not need to thank every donor of every fundraiser and here’s why….

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