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How Pancreatic Cancer UK innovated with In-Memory fundraising on Facebook

Whilst In-Memory is a key area for many nonprofits in connecting with their supporters, the idea of leveraging it as an arena for fundraising is often overlooked due to the sensitive nature of the ask. But, with the right model, In-Memory can unlock a largely untapped source of fundraising and, more importantly, the ability to nurture lifelong supporters.

Key Findings from the 2021 Facebook Fundraising Benchmark Report

We analyzed data from 240 charities across the UK and Ireland to produce the most comprehensive report into the state of Facebook fundraising today. From birthday fundraising and Facebook Challenges, to stewardship and In-Memory fundraising, we have the insights your organization needs to start supercharging your Facebook fundraising.

How to run an In-Memory Facebook Fundraising campaign for Father’s Day

How individuals might choose to remember their loved ones will depend on their lives and experiences, but it also depends on the fundraising opportunities presented to them. If your charity wants to raise more money whilst helping people honor their dads this Father’s Day, why not try a Facebook Fundraising campaign.

New GivePanel Feature: In-Memory Facebook Fundraisers

New GivePanel Feature: In-Memory Facebook Fundraisers

To help nonprofits to be Facebook-first in their approach to In-Memory fundraising, we are excited to be developing a brand new In-Memory feature within the GivePanel app. This is the first time people will be able to set up In-Memory fundraisers on Facebook. 

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