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    5 reasons why you should continue to invest in a Facebook fundraising strategy
    Despite economic uncertainty and changing supporter behavior, social media platforms like Facebook remain essential tools for nonprofits to engage with their audiences and drive fundraising efforts. W...
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    How Pancreatic Cancer UK innovated with In-Memory fundraising on Facebook
    Whilst In-Memory is a key area for many nonprofits in connecting with their supporters, the idea of leveraging it as an arena for fundraising is often overlooked due to the sensitive nature of the ask...
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    New GivePanel Feature: 1-Click JustGiving Experience for Facebook Challenges
    It’s time to wave bye-bye to juggling multiple forms during your social fundraising campaigns and say hello to GivePanel’s latest feature release, the 1-Click JustGiving Experience for Facebook Challe...
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    Real time donations for Custom (1-Click) Facebook Fundraisers
    Say goodbye to the 2-day data delay from Facebook, and be empowered to best steward your supporters in real time with the most up-to-date information, with real time donations in GivePanel. GivePanel ...
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    The complete guide to Facebook Charitable Giving Tools for nonprofits
    Facebook Giving Tools have graced nonprofit’s screens since 2015 and have had a phenomenal impact on fundraising efforts worldwide, raising over $5 billion for causes globally. But with multiple featu...
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    8 digital tools to make fundraising easier
    Working in fundraising can be difficult and the sector has had to adapt quickly in recent years to changes in how we communicate with supporters and how they, in turn, fundraise. Whether it's getting ...
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    Facebook Fundraising issues affecting UK and Ireland: what your nonprofit can do
    Update: Thursday 15 December We met with Meta yesterday and have been advised on some progress with donation issues. The good news is that a fix has now been deployed for the fundraising progress bar ...
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    5 quick tips for Australian nonprofits running a Facebook Challenge in 2023
    It’s almost the beginning of a new year (eek!) and, if you’re anything like us, you’re busy planning out 2023’s activity. For many Australian nonprofit fundraising teams, that will likely include a Fa...
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    How Canteen raised over $1 million from Facebook Challenges by creating a hyper-engaged community
    As one of the first GivePanel customers to run a Facebook Challenge in Australia, Canteen has seen huge success with Facebook fundraising, raising over $1 million for their cause in the last two years...
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    What the latest updates to Facebook's Giving Tools mean for your nonprofit
    It’s safe to say that Meta has not slowed down in releasing more features to help nonprofits around the world raise more, and better engage with their supporters on Facebook. Since Facebook Fundraiser...
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    New GivePanel Feature: SMS for Facebook Fundraising
    What would your social fundraising look like if you could reach almost all of your supporters and communicate with them on a platform that offers an almost 100% open rate? With our latest feature rele...
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    8 considerations for social fundraising in 2023
    Forward planning may have seemed impossible recently, with more curveballs being thrown at us fundraisers than we know what to do with. But – dare we say it – we’re finally in a space where we can loo...
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