Custom Fundraiser Creation: The Power of 1 Click Fundraising

What we'll look at:

In March 2021 we launched our 1 Click Fundraiser Creation tool to help charities supercharge their returns from Facebook group challenges. What we didn’t know is quite how many incredible fundraisers would make use of the tool throughout their fundraising programs. In this session we’ll look at some of the most innovative uses of our custom fundraiser creation tool including:

  • How one charity used 1 Click to increase the number of organic fundraisers by 10%+ each month
  • The incredible impact on ROI of using 1 Click for Facebook Challenges
  • How you can track 1 Click direct from Facebook & Twitter ads
  • How you can deploy 1 Click for campaign fundraising e.g Mothers Day, Giving Tuesday etc
  • The way how one hospice streamlined their giving with 1 Click

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This is an informal (cameras off) 30 minute session with Simon and Guy. We’ll be going live at 4pm BST/ 11am EST on Monday August 9th. 

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What is 1 Click Fundraising?

  • Allow your supporters to set up a Facebook fundraiser in one tap
  • Give you a link to create Facebook Fundraisers from everywhere
  • Lets you track fundraiser creation, using the Facebook Pixel 
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