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GivePanel Managed Services

☑ Do you and your team need support managing your Facebook fundraisers?

☑ Do you want more contact data for your Facebook fundraisers?

☑ Do you want to increase the average raised per fundraiser by up to 23%?

☑ Are you interested in A/B testing to find the best message for your audience? 

Our GivePanel Managed Services team can help!


What we offer

  • GivePanel Connect: Strategy development and delivery of your on-page messaging across your non-challenge fundraisers, including daily data uploads, copy development, posting messages, labeling, event attribution, internal coding and detailed monthly reports.


  • GivePanel Challenge Connect: Development and management of your messaging strategy across your challenge fundraisers, including account management throughout your challenge, daily data uploads, messaging your challenge fundraisers, matching, labeling, event attribution, internal coding and detailed challenge reports.


  • GivePanel Challenge Management (US): Project management support for your Facebook Challenge to ensure you are supported through every step. Your Project Manager will advise on choosing your challenge activity, ad graphics, and managing your Facebook group, as well as ensuring GivePanel is set up correctly. Our team will ensure you are hitting your challenge benchmarks and support you to pivot if you need to.


Our messaging agents

Our team of trained Agents posting messages on behalf of our customers have been hired, trained and vetted by us, and are based in the UK.

Our Agents understand how important each message is and are trained to read every fundraiser so they post the most relevant message to every fundraiser.

They treat your fundraisers like you would.

Within the messaging process, our Agents will add internal codes, labels and events so we can track your fundraising stats month-on-month.

Our Agents’ work is monitored weekly, and we have an escalation process internally should an agent come across a fundraiser that needs special attention from the customer.


Get in touch

To find out more about our Managed Services and how we can help your nonprofit to achieve your fundraising goals, get in touch at [email protected]