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Pricing FAQs

We believe in simple pricing that delivers measurable results. 

Our transparent pricing, available in all major currencies, is structured to fit your organization – no matter your size. 

We have an option for you, whether you are simply looking for an easier way to manage your Facebook fundraising, or if you would like our expert team to guide and execute your social fundraising strategy.

How much does GivePanel cost?

GivePanel starts from under $100 per month for unlimited users and access to all core features. 

What is the GivePanel pricing model?

Pricing is based on the number of transactions (donations) you see on Facebook each month. Organizations raising a minimum of $40k on Facebook will never pay more than 2% of your organization’s total Facebook fundraising income – meaning fantastic ROI for your nonprofit.   

Are there any donation % fees or payment processing fees on top of this?

No, Facebook absorbs the cost of processing payments. Your GivePanel license fee is all you pay to use our tool and not a % of every donation.

Is there a free version of GivePanel?

There is not a free version of GivePanel currently available.

How do I pay for GivePanel?

Once you decide to implement GivePanel, we simply invoice you. We usually do this on an annual contract basis to save you admin costs and hassle. 

Will there be areas of GivePanel not included in my subscription?

Your GivePanel subscription will give you access to all core features that are currently live within the platform.  

We gate our newest releases which are in BETA. These are shared with our Academy members, partners and agency clients first, before being rolled out platform-wide to all customers.

Also, if you are looking for additional support with an upcoming Facebook Challenge on top of your GivePanel subscription, do get in touch as we can recommend a number of partners and consultants around the world.  

What level of support is included in my subscription?

We believe in the power of human-to-human connection, so you’ll always be able to speak to a human at GivePanel. Our Customer Support Team has a happiness rating of 99%, so you know you’ll be in good hands. 

You will also have access to a library of training videos, a comprehensive FAQ database, live chat in-app, and regular touchpoints with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

Can I change my plan after I’ve signed up?

Of course – you can make changes to your plan at any time based on your usage. Our Customer Success Team proactively monitors your account usage and will contact you when you are at 75% of your annual usage. 

Please note that if your transactions increase and you generate lots more donations, your GivePanel subscription fee may increase inline with this. But that’s a pretty good problem to have, right? 

How long does it take to set up?

The platform is very easy to set up and will be ready to use within as little as 45 minutes! 

Are there any extra services that GivePanel offers?

Yes! We offer the GivePanel Academy for additional strategic support and coaching. This is most suitable for organizations that spend at least $5,000 a year on Facebook ads. 

Want more support? We also have an in-house Managed Services team that manages and optimizes Facebook fundraising for some of the largest causes on the planet on their behalf.

Is GivePanel available in my country? 

GivePanel currently operates in 16 countries worldwide and we’re yet to find a case where a charity can access Facebook Payments but not use GivePanel. If the Facebook Fundraising Tools are turned on inside your charity’s account, then get in touch today.

How do I sign up?

Just speak to one of our Facebook Fundraising Specialists today! Our team will help you assess the benefits in investing in GivePanel and assist in putting together a business case and quote tailored to your organization and requirements.