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Drive thousands of new supporters for your organization and raise more for your cause with GivePanel Facebook Challenges and Facebook Fundraising Events.

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How GivePanel makes the social fundraising magic happen

Run high ROI Facebook Challenge Events

A Facebook Challenge is a virtual fundraising event that uses multiple features within Facebook to sign up participants, provide an online community, and make online fundraising really easy.

Because it all happens within the Facebook platform, Challenges provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants.

Trust in the Experts

Our tried and tested approach to Facebook Challenges has never failed to bring supporters together. We have worked with organizations of all sizes and causes to deliver hugely successful campaigns, and scale them. 

We continuously innovate and partner with our customers 
to drive better results, time and time again.

Serviced Facebook Challenges

Want to run a Facebook Challenge but don’t have the in-house capacity? We offer bespoke packages for Serviced Facebook Challenges which are built specifically for your organization’s needs and goals. 

From content plans and group moderation, to thanking, labeling and campaign management reports, we’ve got you covered.

Bluestep Solutions Partnership for Facebook Challenges

Everything from A to Z for your next Facebook Challenge

We have partnered with the good folks at Bluestep Solutions to provide nonprofits in the UK and Ireland with even more value and options for running supercharged Facebook Challenges. From Facebook Ads and creative strategy to incentives and fulfilment, we’ve got you covered!

Expert Facebook Challenges Playbook

Whether you are brand new to Facebook Challenges or have a few successful events under your belt, it is important to stay 
up-to-date on best practice to drive the best return.

With our Facebook Challenges Playbook, you can do just that!

Custom (1-Click) Facebook Fundraisers

Provide a unique link which supporters can use to create a fundraiser for your organization that has special, custom settings for an event or campaign. 

Pre-set the nitty gritty bits such as cover images, titles and end dates, so not only are your virtual fundraising events bespoke, but they allow your fundraisers to focus on doing the good stuff.

In-Memory Fundraisers

When people remember their loved ones by helping others, they’re making an incredibly kind and generous choice. 

Using GivePanel, you can provide these individuals with an easy way to honor their loved ones and raise money for your cause in their memory.

Instagram Fundraisers

And don’t forget about Instagram! With GivePanel, you can view all of your Instagram fundraiser data within the dashboard and build custom reports for more granular reporting.

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Frequently asked questions

We LOVE Facebook Giving Tools and they raise a lot for all our charity customers all over the world. But we also believe they can be even better, and our mission is to help you do more with your Facebook fundraising, in less time and with less hassle.

Over 400 nonprofit organizations pay to use the GivePanel platform in 16 countries around the world. Check out just some of our customer success stories.

Book a demo with us and we can show you how it all works and answer any questions you have. If you want to go ahead, we can onboard you in no time. GivePanel is ready to go.

Pricing starts at $180 per month and is based on the number of Facebook transactions (donations) you need to manage. We are happy to give you a detailed quote, so book a demo or check out our pricing page for more information.

Yes we can! We do this for nonprofits who have a lot of fundraisers. Find out more about our Managed Services offer.

No, GivePanel is cloud-based, meaning you simply access it through an internet browser. No need to download software, and your account and data can be accessed by your teams and agencies from multiple locations.

Your data is of the upmost importance to us. We’d be out of business if it wasn’t! Data security is one of our top priorities. We use the latest web security to ensure that your data will never be compromised and are Cyber Essentials qualified.

We know GDPR compliance is a vital importance not just to European charities but organizations worldwide. Luckily, we started building GivePanel after GDPR came in to force, and therefore we have built it to be fully GDPR compliant.

We’d love to hear from you! Just fill in our contact us form. You can also have a look at our blog where we have lots of free articles and resources to help you supercharge your Facebook Fundraising.

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