Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could send people directly to set up a Facebook fundraiser for your nonprofit? Guess what…. You can! And here’s how:

There’s a feature on Facebook in your Donations setting where you’ll find a special URL or a “deep link” specifically for your nonprofit.

You can then use this deep link in all of your digital marketing to encourage supporters to set up fundraisers for your cause. How it works is that it will take your supporters directly to the first step of creating a Facebook fundraiser for YOUR nonprofit – they won’t see the list of other nonprofits on Facebook that they can fundraise for. 

Once your supporters have clicked on your deep link, it’s then just a few easy thumb taps or clicks for them to set up their Facebook fundraiser page. 

This is a great feature as it allows you to link directly from emails, your website or even Facebook Ads and social media posts to drive new fundraisers to fundraise for you!

Where to find your Facebook fundraiser Creation Link

You can find the “Simple Fundraiser Creation Link” in your Page settings under “Donations” > ”Donation Settings”.

Donations Setting on Facebook

However when testing this deep link with GivePanel customers, we have run into some problems. The link doesn’t seem to work from all places and from all browsers and it can be really hard to get it to work from a Facebook Ad. One of our amazing GivePanel customers says it this way…

”Promoting Facebook Fundraisers during our UKAM campaign seemed like a no brainer, celebrate your birthday and double your donations! But I struggled to get a link that worked across all devices and browsers. After some desperate pleas on Facebook groups and some friendly agencies, I had a few different options to test. Ten patient friends kindly tested the various links for me and when we found one that worked every time I was able to get my ads out. It just goes to show how important it is to test your links and ads properly, I hate to think of the money we could have wasted if we’d blindly accepted the link provided.”

Emma Stephens, Digital Marketing Manager, Send a Cow

The good news is, we have a couple of steps to solve this problem! (you can buy us a beer coffee later 😉

Step 1 – use the underlying link structure

If you’re struggling to get the link that Facebook gives you to work on all platforms and browsers, try using this URL structure below instead:


This should work for 100% of cases. Still not working? Sometimes Facebook doesn’t like linking to other places in Facebook (nope, we don’t know why either). The good news is that we have found that swapping facebook.com for fb.com can work so give it a try. 


Step 2 – use a URL shortener

If you are still struggling to get it working 100% of the time then try using a URL shortener like bit.ly to redirect to the above URL. Advanced Pro Tip: If you want to turbo charge your Facebook targeting, you can use a premium service such as Meteor that allows you to add people who click on your deep link to be added to an audience in Facebook using the Facebook pixel! 


By linking your supporters directly to starting a Facebook Fundraiser for your cause, you will see your conversion rates improve. Don’t forget to add your unique deep link URL to all your marketing materials and especially to your fundraising marketing! If you’re having trouble with the link working on some browsers or places, be sure to follow our three tips to solve the problem.