Custom Facebook Fundraisers: New GivePanel Feature

As you may know, one problem with Facebook fundraising right now is that when people create a fundraiser for you on Facebook the default settings are generic. 👎

We’re excited to share with you that this problem is no more with our newest tool.

Custom Facebook Fundraisers (previously known as 1-Click Fundraisers) .

Currently, when your fab supporters create a Facebook fundraiser they have to edit all the Fundraisers settings. Many don’t and leave their Fundraisers with the generic images, copy and dates on it. This means they will often be raising less, making it harder for you to manage the data and normally ending the Fundraiser too early!

Introducing the Custom Facebook Fundraiser Creation Link feature 🥳 🎉 that allows you to generate a unique link for an event or campaign that you can send to your supporters to create a fundraiser that has specific settings for your event.

With Custom Facebook Fundraisers you will be able to pre-set the following parameters for Facebook Fundraisers:

  • Cover Image
  • Fundraiser Title
  • Fundraiser Description (about section)
  • Fundraiser End date
  • Fundraiser Target

Outside of these customisations, Custom Facebook Fundraisers enables you to:

  • Allow your supporters to set up a Facebook fundraiser in one tap
  • Give you a link to create Facebook Fundraisers from everywhere
  • Lets you track fundraiser creation, for the first time, using the Facebook Pixel

If you already use GivePanel you can set this up by heading to integrations within your account settings.

If you’re not part of the GivePanel community and would like more information on how we can help you to thank your Facebook fundraisers quicker, get their data and raise more money, why not book in for a quick call with one of our Facebook Fundraising Specialists.

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