Facebook Fundraising Benchmarks Report 2020

What's Inside:

This report takes an in depth look at Facebook fundraisers from 157 GivePanel charities across the UK, Ireland and the USA.

We explore the different types of fundraisers and fundraising donations across 2019 and 2020.

The report focuses on the following fundraising activities that take place on Facebook: 

  • Birthday fundraisers 
  • Non-birthday/event fundraisers (this mainly comprises of virtual challenge events, but captures other types of fundraising that don’t fall into the other categories) 
  • In-memory and tribute fundraisers 
  • Donate button posts

You'll also learn about...

  • The rise of Virtual Challenges –  How online challenges have played an increasingly important role in fundraising!
  • See how charities are achieving 70% year on year growth in Facebook fundraising!
  • And the effect of stewardship journeys in increasing the amount fundraised!
Plus so much more.

THINK Consulting Solutions have undertaken this analysis and prepared this report on behalf of GivePanel.

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