Blog       Social-first fundraising for Irish nonprofits with GivePanel's iDonate integration

Social-first fundraising for Irish nonprofits with GivePanel's iDonate integration

For nonprofits in Ireland, social-first fundraising doesn’t have to end with Meta’s recent update to fundraising tools in the European Economic Area - we have a solution.

For our latest integration, GivePanel is teaming up with iDonate, Ireland’s go-to fundraising platform, to support Irish nonprofits run Facebook and Instagram Challenges without the need for Meta’s fundraising tools. We’re passionate about supporting nonprofits so let’s dive into the details on how you can continue to meet supporters where they are. 

You can access a free 6-part video course on how to run a Facebook or Instagram Challenge with GivePanel’s iDonate integration at the end of this blog. Can’t wait? Head there now.


Why it’s not all bad news…

Yes, it is unfortunate that European countries are losing Meta’s fundraising tools. But fundraising pages are only a small part of social-first fundraising campaigns. Think about it like this:

✅Facebook Ads - still available
✅Facebook Leads - still available
✅Facebook Groups - still available
❌Facebook Fundraisers - sadly no longer available in EEA
✅GivePanel Registration forms - still available
✅GivePanel Stewardship tools - still available

The only thing that is missing is where the fundraising page sits - and we think for Irish audiences iDonate is a great option. Arguably, it could outperform Facebook fundraising. 

Why iDonate?

A household name to many Irish nonprofits, iDonate is Ireland’s largest fundraising platform, dedicated to helping nonprofits raise funds and engage supporters through simple, practical tools and exceptional customer support.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 09.03.32

Our combined experiences in social-first fundraising and the Irish fundraising market mean nonprofits will have access to a powerhouse of fundraising tools tailored specifically to the Irish market. Whether you're running Facebook Challenges, Instagram campaigns, or tapping into new channels, we've got you covered.

Our integration with iDonate means you can activate fundraisers more easily, reach wider audiences, and boost engagement with automated email journeys. Plus, with all your data in one place, you'll have the insights you need to fine-tune your strategy and maximize your impact.

As part of the integration, GivePanel customers can expect:

  • 1-Click Fundraiser activation on GivePanel registration forms tailored for iDonate fundraisers
  • iDonate fundraisers will show in GivePanel, with daily updates reflecting in fundraiser lists, filters, Dashboards, Report Builders, and our API and Zapier app
  • Use GivePanel's matching technology to track Leads and Registrations converting into fundraisers, improving campaign optimization
  • Use GivePanel’s automated email journeys with segmentation for iDonate fundraisers and fundraiser URL merge tags

iDonate integrations page

The key benefits

Let’s looks at what impact our new integration will have for nonprofits fundraising on social platforms:

  1. Improved Fundraiser Activation: Boost activation rates for iDonate fundraisers, particularly for social-first campaigns like Facebook and Instagram Challenges.
  2. Increased Audience Reach: Expand your Challenge audience reach by targeting Instagram users directly, removing the need for Facebook.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Increase campaign engagement through automated email journeys tailored for social-first fundraising.
  4. Streamlined Data Management: Centralize all data—from leads to registrations and fundraisers—and take advantage of GivePanel's matching and Ad optimization tools.

iDonate fundraiser

Why we’re partnering up

You might have heard about Meta’s recent decision to pull the plug on fundraising tools for charities in Ireland and across the European Economic Area (EEA).  For nonprofits relying on Facebook Challenges to drive income, this might sound like bad news but that’s where we come in.

Importantly, we believe that Challenges can still achieve their ROI targets, even with Meta out of the picture, with GivePanel’s new integration with iDonate.

While Meta's tools are on their way out, there have been no changes to other key features like Facebook Ads, Facebook Leads, or Facebook Groups. GivePanel's suite of tools, from registration forms to stewardship tools, are also all still in play.

So what's changed? Simply put, it's where your fundraising page sits. With our iDonate integration, your fundraising pages can now live both inside and outside of Facebook and Instagram. That means more opportunities to reach donors, both on social media and beyond.

And we’re not just guessing here…

Our JustGiving integration track record

The success of GivePanel's integration with JustGiving in the UK provides a blueprint for the potential impact of the GivePanel/iDonate partnership. Here are just some of the results we’ve witnessed from our JustGiving integration:

  • Activation Rate for Fundraiser Pages: JustGiving boasts an impressive 47% activation rate for fundraiser pages, compared to Facebook's 51%. The difference is a mere 4%, showing that both platforms are similar in getting people to start fundraising.
  • Average Funds Raised per Active Fundraiser: Here's where the real distinction shines. With JustGiving, fundraisers achieve an average of £158 raised, whereas Facebook trails behind at £101. That's a significant 50% increase in average funds raised per fundraiser compared to Facebook.

Access our free course

Our iDonate integration is live for GivePanel customers. If you’re keen to get involved and grow your social-first fundraising without Meta’s tools, complete our free 6-part video course on how you can use GivePanel’s iDonate integration to run Facebook and Instagram Challenges, giving you a step-by-step guide to hit the ground running.


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