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Facebook Giving Tools are great, but they can be a frustrating experience for nonprofits.

GivePanel helps you unlock Facebook by giving you a proven way to acquire more contact data, build custom imports for your CRM, thank
all your fundraisers, track and optimize campaigns, and drive new fundraisers. With GivePanel, you can raise more, build long-lasting supporter relationships and run Facebook Challenges, all in one place.

So, what are you waiting for?

Trusted by hundreds of charitable organizations...

Over $717 million raised on GivePanel for nonprofits all over the world

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity
Black Dog Institute
Macmillan Cancer Support
American Cancer Society
Heart Foundation
Parkinson's Foundation
The Salvation Army
Irish Cancer Society
Everything you need, all in one place

The “power tool” to supercharge your Facebook Fundraising

  • Acquire more supporter contact data for your CRM
  • Run high ROI virtual fundraising events entirely on Facebook using Facebook Groups
  • Steward and activate your fundraisers faster
  • Monitor and optimize performance with our analytics dashboard and custom reports
  • Save time with no more complex spreadsheets
  • Collaborate across teams and agencies
  • Increase lifetime value and decrease acquisition costs
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GivePanel platform features

How it works

Analytics dashboard
Analytics dashboard

Monitor performance and quickly see your Facebook Fundraising results visually with custom graphs, analytics and insights.

Facebook Challenge Events
Facebook Challenge Events

Run high ROI virtual peer-to-peer campaigns entirely on Facebook. Acquire and active new supporters to take part and raise funds for your cause.

See new fundraisers easily
See new fundraisers easily

New fundraisers for your campaigns are easily accessible in GivePanel with our “New” label. No more complex spreadsheets. 

Custom labels
Custom labels

Create and manage custom labels to track which supporters you have contacted and how they have responded.

Message templates
Message templates

Configure custom, branded pre-written message templates with dynamic fields to save time thanking your fundraisers.

Report builder
Report builder

Easily get data out of GivePanel, utilize our Facebook API, and build custom import for your CRM database.

Donate button posts
Donate button posts

Filters your campaign so you can see which ones are fundraisers and which ones are donate button posts.

Integrated data capture forms
Integrated data capture forms

Ask fundraisers to give you more data using our integrated, mobile optimized and GDPR compliant data capture forms.

Custom Facebook Fundraisers
Custom Facebook Fundraisers

Create fully customizable Facebook fundraisers for your supporters with our Custom Facebook Fundraisers suite.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need GivePanel?

We LOVE Facebook Giving Tools and they raise a lot for all our charity customers all over the world. But we also believe they can be even better, and our mission is to help you do more with your Facebook fundraising, in less time and with less hassle.

How many nonprofits use GivePanel?

Over 400 nonprofit organizations who pay to use the GivePanel platform in 16 countries around the world. Check out just some of our customer success stories.

How can I get started with GivePanel?

Book a demo with us and we can show you how it all works and answer any questions you have. If you want to go ahead, we can onboard you in no time. GivePanel is ready to go.

How much does GivePanel cost?

Pricing starts at $180 per month and is based on the number of Facebook transactions (donations) you need to manage. We are happy to give you a detailed quote, so book a demo or check out our pricing page for more information.

Can you help us message all our fundraisers?

Yes we can! We do this for nonprofits who have a lot of fundraisers. Find out more about our Managed Services offer.

Do I have to download any software?

No, GivePanel is cloud-based, meaning you simply access it through an internet browser. No need to download software, and your account and data can be accessed by your teams and agencies from multiple locations.

Is GivePanel secure and data compliant?

Your data is of the upmost importance to us. We’d be out of business if it wasn’t! Data security is one of our top priorities. We use the latest web security to ensure that your data will never be compromised and are Cyber Essentials qualified.

We know GDPR compliance is a vital importance not just to European charities but organizations worldwide. Luckily, we started building GivePanel after GDPR came in to force, and therefore we have built it to be fully GDPR compliant.

I have lots of other questions, what do I do?

We’d love to hear from you! Just fill in our contact us form. You can also have a look at our blog where we have lots of free articles and resources to help you supercharge your Facebook Fundraising.

But don't just take it from us...

Here's what our customers say

Carla Anikiah
Carla Anikiah Chief Strategy & Impact Officer at Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
"I was thanking fundraisers manually before and spent most of my time trying to identify who I had already thanked. Now with GivePanel, what previously took hours is taking me 5 minutes. We were also attempting to request fundraisers to share their info with us but not having much luck. It’s so much easier and more successful now we are using GivePanel!"

Ashly Alberto
Ashly Alberto National Vice President of Development at American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
"GivePanel works best for us because personal connection with the donor is what is most important, and GivePanel provides the tools and services to make that happen! I would recommend GivePanel on the fact that they really are the gold standard in terms of personal touches with the donor to engage them and make them feel like they're involved, and not one of many."

Emily Higgins
Emily Higgins New Product Development Manager at Stroke Association
“GivePanel was integral. We simply wouldn't be able to do it [Facebook fundraising], if we’re being honest. Not from a data capture point of view, not from a fulfillment point of view, not from a stewardship point of view because all of that is linked in with the capability that GivePanel gives us.”

Ben Youell
Ben Youell Senior Online Fundraising Officer at Alzheimer's Research UK
“All of our Facebook Fundraising activity is through GivePanel. We’ve really focused on Challenges, so we’ve done three of them so far and have learnt from each one. I like that GivePanel presents Facebook in a manageable way and it gives you options that when you look at Facebook, you wouldn't even think are options to begin with.”

Emily Anthony
Emily Anthony Marketing & Communications Manager at Cerebral Palsy Cymru
"GivePanel has absolutely transformed the way we do Facebook Fundraising at Cerebral Palsy Cymru. It has meant digital fundraising now has its own line in our budget, and we can engage with both new and existing supporters via Facebook Fundraising in a way that we didn’t even realise was possible before!"

Jesse Lewis
Jesse Lewis Social Media Lead at Heart Foundation Australia
“It's hard to sell that vision (of Facebook Fundraising). As soon as we got GivePanel, everyone was like, “this is awesome, I can see everything that's happening.” And that's when everyone started to get truly behind it because they could see what was happening in the background and it was really visual for them. So I think that solved a lot of problems by taking people through that journey.”

Matthew Lawley from Diabetes UK
Matthew Lawley Senior Community Fundraising Manager - Acquisition at Diabetes UK
“Trusted, reliable and it works! The team are also quick to respond and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services - shout out to Jill and Tom for their first-class support.”

Natasha Day_ GOSH
Natasha Day Fundraising Executive, Virtual Events at Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity
"GivePanel is easy to use and does the job. It is also well-priced and is always launching new things to make stewardship better and more focused. It's really great how helpful and swift responses are from the team, especially if something goes wrong with Facebook or otherwise. Really great team.”

Jessica Behenna - Digital Marketing Lead
Jessica Behenna Digital Marketing Lead at St Lukes Hospice
"GivePanel makes Facebook fundraising so much easier and has enabled us new digital fundraising products in the form of virtual challenges which covers a previously untouched market of fundraisers who prefer to take part in challenges on their own, rather than mass-participation. I have recommended GivePanel to many other Hospices!!"

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