Rock Your Facebook Fundraising 🤘

GivePanel helps nonprofits discover more Facebook fundraisers. Message, engage and gather contact details. Manage virtual events and monitor performance. Attribute source codes and export reports to your CRM database.

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Get More People Fundraising for you on Facebook
The new Virtual Events model that is raising millions for Non-Profits on Facebook

The “Power Tool” to super charge your Facebook Fundraising

Discover 3 times more people fundraising for you on Facebook

Message and engage more fundraisers faster

Save time with no more complex spreadsheets

Share across teams & agencies

Capture more supporter contact data

Match virtual event sign ups with their Facebook fundraisers

Enrich Facebook Fundraising Data & build custom imports for your CRM

Share Reports and Analytics about Facebook Fundraising across your organisation

<div style="letter-spacing: -0.05em; font-weight: 800 ;font-size: 100%;">The "Power Tool" to super charge your Facebook Fundraising</div>
Analytics Dashboard

Monitor performance and quickly see your Facebook fundraising results visually with graphs, analytics and insights

Discover More Fundraisers

See ALL your Facebook fundraisers in one list. Filter, sort and search fundraisers easily by number of donors, amount raised.

See New Fundraisers easily

New fundraisers are easily seen in GivePanel with our “New” label.

Custom Labels

Create custom labels to track who you have contacted and how they have responded

Message Templates

Configure pre-written message templates with dynamic fields to save time thanking fundraisers

Integrated Data Capture Forms

Ask fundraisers to give you more data using our integrated, mobile optimised, GDPR compliant data capture forms

Virtual Events

Register people for a virtual event in Facebook before they set up their Facebook fundraiser and match their data to their Facebook fundraising

Donate Button Posts

GivePanel helpfully sorts out campaigns so that you can see which ones are fundraisers and which ones are where people have added your donate button to a post

Report Builder

Easily get data out of GivePanel. Build custom reports to import into your CRM database (API coming soon!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch on our contact form if you can’t find an answer to your question, we would love to hear from you.

Why do I need GivePanel?

We LOVE the Facebook Giving Tools and they raise a lot for all our charity users. But we also believe they can be even better and our mission is to help do more with your Facebook fundraising in less time and with less hassle. 

How many charities use GivePanel?

We currently have over 100 nonprofits who pay to use the platform in over 7 countries.

How Can I Get Started With GivePanel?

Book a demo with us and we can show you how it all works and answer any questions you have. If you want to go ahead we can onboard you in no time. GivePanel is ready to go.

How much does GivePanel cost?

GivePanel pricing is based on the number of Facebook transactions (donations) you need to manage per month and what GivePanel features you need. Pricing starts under $50 per month. We are happy to give you a detailed quote so get in touch.

Can you help us message all our fundraisers?

Yes we can. We do this for nonprofits who have a lot of fundraisers. Get in touch.

Do I Have To Download Any Software?

No, GivePanel is cloud based, meaning you simply access it through an internet browser. No need to download software and your account and data can be accessed by your team and agencies from multiple locations.

Is GivePanel secure?

Your data is of the upmost importance to us. We would go out of business pretty quickly if we don’t have your data security as one of our top priorities! We use the latest military grade web security to ensure that your data will never be compromised.

Is GivePanel GDPR compliant?

We know GDPR compliance is a vital importance not just to European charities but organisations worldwide. Luckily we started building GivePanel after GDPR came in to force and therefore we have built it to be fully GDPR compliant.

I have lots of other questions, what do I do?

We’d love to hear from you! Just use the contact page on this site. You can also have a look at our blog on this site where we have over 30 free articles to help you with Facebook fundraising.

I was thanking fundraisers manually before and spent most of my time trying to identify who I had already thanked. It was very time consuming and repetitive. Now with GivePanel, what previously took hours, now is taking me 5 minutes. We were also attempting to request fundraisers to share their info with us but not having much luck with capturing data. It’s so much easier and more successful now we are using GivePanel!

Carla Anikiah
Carla Anikiah
Head of Fundraising, Autism Assistance Dogs

GivePanel is amazing! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it has halved the amount of admin time and we have had a much better engagement rate with our fundraising on Facebook. Definitely worth it!

Alex Halfpenny
Alex Halfpenny
Leukaemia Care

Get More People Fundraising for you on Facebook
The new Virtual Events model that is raising millions for Non-Profits on Facebook


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Watch a 5 min demo video