Why it’s not a good idea to message your Facebook fundraisers on Messenger

It’s so exciting when someone sets up a Facebook Fundraiser for your cause. The first thing you want to do is jump right in to say ‘thank you’! And that’s a great idea, and one we encourage, but it needs to be done in the right way, using best practice. When you use best practice, you’re more likely to be successful in:

  • Helping your fundraiser raise more money
  • Building a relationship with them
  • Converting them to become lifetime supporters

We don’t advocate starting a conversation with your fundraiser through Messenger and here’s why:

You can only start a conversation on Messenger with someone using a personal profile. This means that the message will be coming from you, personally, and not from your nonprofit. Some people set up work Facebook profiles to get around this but this breaks Facebook’s terms and conditions and could have serious consequences. We’ve heard of instances where people have set up a work Facebook profile, which they use to Admin their Facebook Page, and then Facebook has found out their profile is essentially fake and removed it. The person can then no longer access their nonprofit’s Facebook Page and it’s hard to sort it out. We’d always advocate using Business Manager to administrate your Facebook Page.

When you send a message to someone who is not a Facebook friend, it ends up in their “Other” inbox in Messenger, which is where spam messages go. This means that they may never see your message – you’d be surprised how many people still don’t know it exists –  or they might think it’s spam, which doesn’t look good for your nonprofit.

Facebook does give the option to invite someone into a messenger chat conversation with your nonprofit Page using your Messenger Chat link. Here, they are essentially starting the conversation from your invite. However, doing this can be time consuming and for European nonprofits you need to consider how you might collect data in light of GDPR. This is why we have created a simple data capture form for GivePanel, that you can link to when thanking your supporter on their Fundraiser page. That way they can opt in to receiving communications from you and you can then contact them legitimately.

Looking for the right way to thank your fundraisers? Read our best practice guide.

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