A simple guide to Facebook Fundraising Transaction Reports

If you’re not an Excel wizard, we know that trying to make sense of your Facebook Fundraising transaction reports can be hard. That’s why we built GivePanel – to make it as easy as possible to see all of your fundraising data in one place and to help you to manage your fundraisers effectively.

Here is a quick guide to the transaction reports and also a handy glossary of terms.

Where to find Facebook transaction (donation) reports

Step 1 – Select ‘Settings’ located at the top of your charity’s page.

Step 2 – Click on ”Donations”, which can be found to the left of the page.

Step 3 – Select ”Download Donation reports”.

Step 4 – Click the report you would like to download.

There are three report options: Payout Report, Daily Transaction Report and the Multi-day Transaction Report. The Payout Report shows the funds that will be transferred into your account. The Daily Transaction Report includes detailed information on each donation made to your organisation, stating whether the donation was through the donate button or through a fundraiser.

This report includes fields such as First name, Surname, Amount donated and Email address (if the donor decides to share it). The Multi-day Transaction Report contains the same information as the Daily Transaction report but you can choose a greater date range for this report. We recommend downloading the Multi-day Transaction Report for this reason. The Multi-day Transaction report will download as a .csv file.

Understanding what data is contained in the transaction report

Here’s a handy glossary of what all the different columns mean.

Payment ID – The transaction/payment ID
Charge Time – The time the charge was received
Donation Amount – The amount donated
FB Fee – The processing fee charged to cover credit card processing, charity vetting, payment support and fraud prevention.
Net Payout Amount – The net amount donated to the nonprofit (donation amount minus FB Fee, fees apply for personal fundraisers, not those in aid of a registered nonprofit)
Payout Currency – The currency the donation will be paid out in
Sender Currency – The currency the donation was made in
Tax Amount – No tax will be applied
Charge Action Type – The type of charge made
S – Normal Charge
R – Refund
C – Charge back
D – Out of window charge backs
K – Charge back reversal
J – Out of window Charge back reversal
N – Decline
First Name – The donor’s first name
Last Name – The donor’s last name
Email Address – The donor’s email (if shared)
Campaign ID – The ID associated with that particular campaign
Fundraiser Title – Fundraiser title listed on Facebook (Note: only campaigns with the source ‘Fundraiser’ will see this field)
Source Name – Location on Facebook where the donation was made
Donate_button_user_posts – Donations raised through a user adding the donate button to their own post
Donate_button_charity_page – Donations raised through clicking the donate button on the charity’s Facebook Page header
Donate_button_charity_posts – Donations raised through a donate button added to a post on the charity’s Facebook Page
Video_fundraiser – Donations raised from a user adding a donate button to their live video
Fundraisers – donations raised from all other sources (example: a fundraiser created by a user, Messenger or a profile frame).
ig_donation_sticker – donations raised from a donate button being appended on an Instagram story
Permalink – The link to where the fundraiser is on Facebook
Charity ID – The ID associated with the charity on Facebook
Campaign Owner Name – The name of the person who created the fundraiser

There are other columns which are only relevant to countries within Europe:

Gift Aid UK Only – if the donation is eligible for Gift Aid, a 1 will be present if it isn’t a 0 will be present. The donor’s address will also be present in the following columns should the donation be eligible for Gift Aid
Donor Physical Address Line 1
Donor Physical Address Line 2
Donor Physical Address City
Donor Physical Address State
Donor Physical Address Postal Code
Donor Physical Address Country
Donor Full Name

Donor Email for Sending Receipt Only – for the countries which are required to send a tax receipt.
Donation Country – the European country that the nonprofit is from.

Missing or confusing data

For some fundraisers, there is no campaign owner name. Here’s why…

All Facebook fundraisers are public so you should receive the campaign owner name for every fundraiser. However, sometimes this doesn’t come through on the reports. Sometimes this is because of a delay in the data from Facebook and it will come through in the future. Sometimes it is because the campaign owner has deleted their fundraiser.

Opt-in flag for marketing consent

There is no column for opt-in. If their email is present in the report, this means they have opted in to hear from your charity.  Donors are asked the following when they make a donation to a fundraiser in aid of your non-profit. ”Tick this box to sign up for email list from <charity>. You’ll receive updates and more information about how to support them.”

Donations were given by Facebook

If a donation has been given by Facebook (e.g. to help kick start a fundraiser) these are not included in the transaction reports.

Questions you may be asking about Data Processes

How often should I download the reports?

It is entirely up to you. Most GivePanel customers download these reports daily because a birthday fundraiser usually only lasts for 2 weeks. This means that you have a very short window of opportunity to reach out, thank and support them with their fundraising.

We know from experience it is important to do this as soon as possible. The earlier you thank them, the better, as this increases the chances of them raising more. The challenge with using spreadsheets to manage all of this is that it is very time consuming, which deters organizations from doing this daily. GivePanel makes it so easy to manage your Facebook fundraisers, which is why our customers don’t mind downloading the reports daily.

How long does it take until a donation appears in my transaction report?

It can take up to 48 hours from when a transaction happens to when it will populate in a report.

What next?

It’s easy to see how this process can take a lot of time, which is why we built GivePanel. In fact, one nonprofit now using GivePanel was able to reduce the time they spent on managing the Facebook Giving Tools from 5 hours a week down to 20 minutes! Want to know how we can help your organization to thank supporters quicker, capture contact details, view analytics and manage data? Then book a demo!

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