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    How Pancreatic Cancer UK innovated with In-Memory fundraising on Facebook
    Whilst In-Memory is a key area for many nonprofits in connecting with their supporters, the idea of leveraging it as an arena for fundraising is often overlooked due to the sensitive nature of the ask...
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    5 quick tips for Australian nonprofits running a Facebook Challenge in 2023
    It’s almost the beginning of a new year (eek!) and, if you’re anything like us, you’re busy planning out 2023’s activity. For many Australian nonprofit fundraising teams, that will likely include a Fa...
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    How Canteen raised over $1 million from Facebook Challenges by creating a hyper-engaged community
    As one of the first GivePanel customers to run a Facebook Challenge in Australia, Canteen has seen huge success with Facebook fundraising, raising over $1 million for their cause in the last two years...
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    New GivePanel Feature: SMS for Facebook Fundraising
    What would your social fundraising look like if you could reach almost all of your supporters and communicate with them on a platform that offers an almost 100% open rate? With our latest feature rele...
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    Thinking outside the box with Facebook Challenge ideas
    If you’re a seasoned veteran of Facebook fundraising, you will likely have already partaken in a Facebook Challenge or two. Your supporters have walked 5km a day, given their glutes a workout with squ...
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    How Parkinson’s Foundation doubled their fundraising goal with their first Facebook Challenge
    Parkinson’s Foundation's fundraising team were understandably wary about launching their first ever Facebook Challenge. As a small team with limited resources, how would they manage to engage all of t...
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    Fundraising for Crisis with $100k+ raised Facebook Challenges
    Peer-to-peer virtual fundraising challenges, or Facebook Challenges, have more often been associated with large, health-related nonprofits. Yet some organizations or those who don’t work in the health...
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    How the Australian Heart Foundation raised over $110,000 with their first Facebook Challenge
    If your organization is new to Facebook fundraising, it can be pretty difficult to sell the dream based on the data that Facebook provides. You might have seen other nonprofits’ incredible success and...
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    How to test with a Facebook Challenge and get results
    2020 and 2021 were truly bumper years for Facebook fundraising (no prizes for guessing why) and many charities saw record fundraising totals from Facebook Challenges held during this time. Following a...
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    5 secrets of hyper-engaged social communities (with results!)
    Picture this: you’ve launched an appeal for your nonprofit, newsfeeds are full of fundraisers posting about participating, sharing their updates and inviting others to join and it’s leading to a load ...
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    How to create a new digital income stream with Facebook Fundraising as a nonprofit in Australia
    Facebook Challenges and Birthday Fundraising can open the door to a whole new stream of digital income and new supporters for your nonprofit. But what exactly are Facebook Challenges and Birthday Fund...
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    How To Effectively Use Facebook Fundraiser Data
    Facebook fundraiser data is incredibly valuable, especially given how difficult it is to access without a tool like GivePanel. But when you do get this data, what can you use it for? Can it offer insi...
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