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    Understanding Activation Rates for Social-first Fundraising
    In any digital campaign, certain metrics stand out as particularly crucial. Among these, activation rates are key indicators of success in fundraising campaigns, especially those driven by social medi...
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    Loyal fundraisers and how to create them with DMS Agency
    Facebook fundraising Challenges offer nonprofits a golden opportunity to engage with supporters where they're most active and raise crucial funds for their causes. But how do you sustain and nurture t...
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    How to tackle hidden Featured Posts for your Facebook Challenge with Get Your Stories Straight
    Meta's recent adjustment to Facebook Groups may appear trivial at first glance, but its implications on your Challenge income could be profound. Highlighted by Get Your Stories Straight, a digital age...
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    Social-first fundraising for Irish nonprofits with GivePanel's iDonate integration
    For nonprofits in Ireland, social-first fundraising doesn’t have to end with Meta’s recent update to fundraising tools in the European Economic Area - we have a solution. For our latest integration, G...
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    Meta’s Update to Fundraising Tools in the EEA: a nonprofit guide
    As of July 1, 2024, Meta is removing current fundraising tools from their platforms for nonprofits in the European Economic Area (EEA), including nonprofits in Ireland. This will affect Facebook’s Cha...
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    How to grow your Facebook Challenges with the Digital Fundraising Academy
    Facebook Challenges, and all digital and social-first fundraising for that matter, can feel like stepping onto a never-ending escalator. It’s always moving, and always changing, and there’s always a n...
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    Your most common support questions answered
    At GivePanel, our mission is clear: to allow nonprofits to grow their social-first fundraising by meeting supporters where they are on social media. And to do this, we know that we need to provide a p...
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    How Prostate Cancer Research grew their fundraising from £50k to £1 million in 12 months
    Is your nonprofit making the most out of the social fundraising ecosystem? Earlier this year, GivePanel joined Prostate Cancer Research and Social AF (formerly Alderson Fundraising) to consider how no...
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    5 top tips for Facebook Challenge success by Nonprofit Megaphone
    In the world of nonprofit fundraising, how can organizations make the most out of Facebook Challenges? We teamed up with Nonprofit Megaphone, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping nonprofits...
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    How Dementia UK built their Facebook fundraising program to over £1 million
    Despite the questions over saturation, falling audience numbers, and lower engagement, Facebook fundraising is still growing and has, for some nonprofits, become a key pillar of their fundraising stra...
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    Unlock more social fundraising with GivePanel's expanded feature set for JustGiving
    Run social-first campaigns on multiple channels with our complete JustGiving integration. At GivePanel, we're rewriting the rules of social fundraising, because, for us, it’s not about just one platfo...
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    How to create a buzz with your Facebook Challenge branding
    If, like many, branding hasn't been a top priority on your Facebook Challenge checklist, it's time to reconsider. In our most recent GivePanel Stacks webinar, we delved into the pivotal stages where b...
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