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    How to plan the perfect Facebook Challenge in 2024
    The Facebook Challenge format has been nothing short of a fundraising sensation in recent years, with its popularity soaring during the global COVID-19 pandemic as people sought new ways to connect wi...
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    5 ways to involve volunteers in your Facebook fundraising strategy
    Volunteers are a fundamental part of any nonprofit, bringing with them diverse skill sets and the ability to boost visibility, scale projects and contribute fresh perspectives. But, finding opportunit...
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    5 reasons why you should continue to invest in a Facebook fundraising strategy
    Despite economic uncertainty and changing supporter behavior, social media platforms like Facebook remain essential tools for nonprofits to engage with their audiences and drive fundraising efforts. W...
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    The complete guide to Facebook Charitable Giving Tools for nonprofits
    Facebook Giving Tools have graced nonprofit’s screens since 2015 and have had a phenomenal impact on fundraising efforts worldwide, raising over $5 billion for causes globally. But with multiple featu...
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    How to plan the perfect Facebook Challenge in 2023
    Like many nonprofit organizations, your charity will likely be planning its fundraising mix for the year ahead and deciding what campaign or activity to include. But, if you're yet to try your hand at...
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    10 reasons why your Facebook Challenge isn't performing (and how to fix it)
    Picture this: you’ve set up your Facebook Challenge, you have supporters in your Facebook Group and you’re sending out the incentives. But the worst has happened… people aren’t fundraising. It’s the s...
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    Best practice for Facebook Challenge Ad Creatives (and the common pitfalls to avoid!)
    For thousands of people, Facebook Challenges represent a fantastic offer - quick and simple sign-up, flexible participation, huge communities and tons of support. But for nonprofits, they only offer a...
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    Native Facebook Fundraiser Challenges for nonprofits: what you need to know
    It’s safe to say that Facebook Challenges have been the “rising star” of the peer-to-peer fundraising world over recent years. And it’s not hard to understand why. By harnessing the power of online co...
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    Shake up your social fundraising strategy with our SFS2022 key takeaways
    Last month, in the confines of the Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, GivePanel brought together over 100 passionate fundraisers and thought leaders for the Social Fundraising Summit 2022. It w...
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    What is the GivePanel Academy?
    New: The GivePanel Academy is now the Digital Fundraising Academy! We are excited to let you know that as of 1 May 2023, the GivePanel Academy has become the Digital Fundraising Academy. Find out more...
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