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    Loyal fundraisers and how to create them with DMS Agency
    Facebook fundraising Challenges offer nonprofits a golden opportunity to engage with supporters where they're most active and raise crucial funds for their causes. But how do you sustain and nurture t...
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    Research: The impact of supporter engagement on Facebook Challenge income
    Ever get the feeling that supporter engagement in Facebook Challenges is making an impact on income raised, but not sure how to prove it? The experts in group moderation at Alderson Fundraising are pu...
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    5 hacks to understand your supporters better
    Picture this: your fundraising efforts hit the mark every time, each campaign you produce resonates with your audience, and supporters are hyper-engaged because they feel like they’re a part of your m...
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    Real connections, real impact: event calling for Facebook Challenges
    When it comes to activating and stewarding supporters for virtual fundraising events such as Facebook Challenges, the humble telephone has more often than not been overshadowed by digital communicatio...
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    New GivePanel Feature: Segmented Email Journeys for Facebook Challenges
    Ready to discover GivePanel’s latest feature? Segmented Email Journeys for Facebook Challenges leverages the power of personalized email, taking supporter engagement to dizzying new heights and allowi...
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    7 ways to keep your Facebook Challenge Group engaged all month
    Did you know that the volume of group engagement during a Facebook Challenge has a direct and positive correlation with income raised? The incredible team at Alderson Fundraising, the experts in Faceb...
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    4 steps to engage your Facebook Group and get them fundraising
    Facebook Groups are at the heart of the Facebook Challenge fundraising model. But what is a Facebook Challenge? Simply put, as an organization you choose a trackable goal for your supporters to comple...
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    Five reasons NOT to contact the donors of Facebook fundraisers
    We like to say that there are two different types of donors: those who donate directly to the nonprofit via the Donate button (we call these “direct” donors) and those who sponsor a friend via a fundr...
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    Five actions to leverage the power of Facebook fundraisers
    Earlier in the year, I presented on how to leverage the power of Facebook’s Giving Tools for Fundraising Online, a global virtual conference run by the Resource Alliance. In this post, I share the fiv...
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    Three ways you can generate more income from your current Facebook Fundraisers
    We have a whole bunch of blogs on how to recruit more fundraisers as well as best practices for thanking them. What we haven’t shared yet, up until now, is how you can raise more valuable income from ...
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