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    How to tackle hidden Featured Posts for your Facebook Challenge with Get Your Stories Straight
    Meta's recent adjustment to Facebook Groups may appear trivial at first glance, but its implications on your Challenge income could be profound. Highlighted by Get Your Stories Straight, a digital age...
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    How to use LinkedIn to boost your fundraising
    LinkedIn has been around for 20 years and it was originally known as the platform to create an online CV and find a new job. You are still able to use it for both, but it’s also a professional channel...
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    How GivePanel’s Head of Engineering is paving the way for women in tech
    My journey into tech is something of an unconventional one - I didn’t pursue a degree in Computer Science and have no technical qualifications to my name. When deciding what career to pursue in school...
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    How Prostate Cancer Research grew their fundraising from £50k to £1 million in 12 months
    Is your nonprofit making the most out of the social fundraising ecosystem? Earlier this year, GivePanel joined Prostate Cancer Research and Social AF (formerly Alderson Fundraising) to consider how no...
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    5 top tips for Facebook Challenge success by Nonprofit Megaphone
    In the world of nonprofit fundraising, how can organizations make the most out of Facebook Challenges? We teamed up with Nonprofit Megaphone, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping nonprofits...
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    Meta Pixels for Facebook Fundraising: everything you need to know
    One of the reasons why social media advertising is so awesome (in our humble opinion) is the ease, convenience and capability of tracking, testing and optimizing Ads for a range of audiences and use c...
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    5 hacks to understand your supporters better
    Picture this: your fundraising efforts hit the mark every time, each campaign you produce resonates with your audience, and supporters are hyper-engaged because they feel like they’re a part of your m...
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    Real connections, real impact: event calling for Facebook Challenges
    When it comes to activating and stewarding supporters for virtual fundraising events such as Facebook Challenges, the humble telephone has more often than not been overshadowed by digital communicatio...
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    How to make an impact with Meta Reels as a nonprofit brand
    Okay, so your social media headspace might be a little bit preoccupied right now wondering whether or not Threads is the next platform your organization should be investing your precious content time ...
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    AI for fundraising teams – how to get started
    In today's digital age, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our daily working lives is increasing across many industries, and the fundraising sector is no exception. Whilst some may view AI wit...
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    5 simple ways to make your fundraising events more sustainable
    Nonprofits around the world are under increasing pressure to be at the forefront of change to tackle the climate crisis and set meaningful targets for reducing their carbon footprint. The Chartered In...
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    7 ways to keep your Facebook Challenge Group engaged all month
    Did you know that the volume of group engagement during a Facebook Challenge has a direct and positive correlation with income raised? The incredible team at Alderson Fundraising, the experts in Faceb...
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