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    How Dementia UK built their Facebook fundraising program to over £1 million
    Despite the questions over saturation, falling audience numbers, and lower engagement, Facebook fundraising is still growing and has, for some nonprofits, become a key pillar of their fundraising stra...
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    Unlock more social fundraising with GivePanel's expanded feature set for JustGiving
    Run social-first campaigns on multiple channels with our complete JustGiving integration. At GivePanel, we're rewriting the rules of social fundraising, because, for us, it’s not about just one platfo...
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    5 simple ways to make your fundraising events more sustainable
    Nonprofits around the world are under increasing pressure to be at the forefront of change to tackle the climate crisis and set meaningful targets for reducing their carbon footprint. The Chartered In...
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    5 Facebook Challenge fundraising event ideas that really work
    As we near the end of a BIG year in the world of Facebook Fundraising, we want to share our 5 best virtual events fundraising ideas that we are seeing work for nonprofits on Facebook. Fundraising on F...
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    How to run Virtual Events on Facebook with Facebook Groups
    Watch the video for my top tips on how to run virtual events on Facebook with Facebook Groups, or find out more in the article below the video. Video: How to run Virtual Events on Facebook Guide: How ...
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    Facebook Challenges: Virtual Event Registrations for Facebook Fundraisers
    How Facebook Challenges and virtual events offer a new way to get supporters fundraising for your charity in droves using a unique combination of Facebook tools. What are Facebook Challenges? Even B.C...
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