Blog       Unlock more social fundraising with GivePanel's expanded feature set for JustGiving

Unlock more social fundraising with GivePanel's expanded feature set for JustGiving

Run social-first campaigns on multiple channels with our complete JustGiving integration.

At GivePanel, we're rewriting the rules of social fundraising, because, for us, it’s not about just one platform anymore. Facebook fundraising is still incredibly powerful for nonprofits globally, but to truly meet your supporters where they are, you need the ability to fundraise across the social spectrum. So that’s why our latest feature set for JustGiving isn't just a tech upgrade - it's a strategic move to empower charities in crafting richer, more impactful campaigns across multiple social channels. 

Let's dive into the story behind the integration and explore how it’s going to help you meet supporters where they are, diversify your fundraising, and create a seamless supporter experience.

What factors drive social fundraising success?

To begin, let’s consider what’s needed for nonprofits to achieve success with social fundraising. This can be broken down into three main factors: 

  1. A frictionless user experience on social channels that converts colder audiences
  2. The ability to nurture interested participants with personalized communications and stewardship
  3. Complete control over data and reporting for your entire campaign across multiple channels.

New features to expand your social fundraising

In 2023, we launched our first JustGiving feature, our 1-click experience for Facebook Challenges. This virtual event form with 1-click fundraising for JustGiving was designed for social to improve the supporter experience and increase fundraiser activations for Facebook Challenges.

Now, we’re taking things a step further so you can run social-first campaigns on multiple channels with more confidence and control. 

These updates aren't just about bells and whistles; they're designed to address the real challenges your nonprofit is facing in diversifying your fundraising portfolio and delivering results through social-first campaigns. From targeted communication to visualizing options and tracking fundraiser status, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Automated email journeys for JustGiving fundraisers

Communication is key to fundraising success - from capturing attention to inspiring action, email is the channel that will connect you with your supporters directly and motivate them to act. 

Introducing our first feature: Engage directly with JustGiving fundraisers using automated email journeys, all managed seamlessly within the GivePanel platform. Set up multiple emails and schedule them in sync with your fundraising campaigns to provide your supporters with the stewardship they deserve. 

We’ve also updated the fundraiser URL shortcode for emails so that it automatically works for Facebook and JustGiving fundraisers out of the box.

JustGiving blog 2024 - image 1

Check out our handy help article on how this works and how to access our JustGiving email Beta feature to get started.

2. Segment JustGiving fundraisers by claimed/unclaimed

Knowing if your JustGiving fundraisers generated through GivePanel have claimed their JustGiving page is really important for personalizing your communication to them. We know that fundraisers who claim their pages on JustGiving raise more so getting unclaimed pages activated should be top of our priority list. 

You can now create specific email journeys for your fundraisers by segmenting them by their JustGiving page status which will ultimately support in uplifting your percentage of activation and average raised. 

JustGiving blog 2024 - image 2

In addition, you’ll also be able to filter fundraisers based on their page status, providing a clear picture of your fundraising performance. Essentially, it’s a shift from ballpark figures to data-driven decision making. 

Get the full lowdown on how this feature can support your fundraising via our help article.

3. Match event registration form data with JustGiving fundraisers

Easily match and combine event registration data with JustGiving fundraisers to consolidate supporter contact information in one comprehensive record, saving you time managing all that event data.

4. New JustGiving fields in Report Builder

This one needs little explanation but it’s guaranteed to keep your database manager happy. Our Report Builder now includes new fields—Unclaimed URL, Page Name, Fundraiser URL, and Source—providing you with a customized report for your CRM and giving you richer, more meaningful insights to see what’s working and what’s not.

5. Sync your GivePanel events with JustGiving campaign IDs

You can now set up your campaign in JustGiving and add the JustGiving campaign ID to your GivePanel events settings. This means that your JustGiving fundraisers created through GivePanel’s event registration flow will be customized with the right campaign details.

Find out what steps you need to take to make this happen for your next fundraising campaign.

6. Automatically import all your JustGiving fundraisers 

With our final feature update, it's time to see the bigger picture. 

Charities now have the power to import JustGiving data for ALL their event fundraisers, offering a comprehensive view of their fundraising success in GivePanel. Simply authorize GivePanel's access, set up the JustGiving App, and integrate this with GivePanel. Watch as your insights expand, and your success skyrockets. 

Visit our help article and set up the GivePanel App to get started!

Why this matters to nonprofits

Charities operate in a dynamic landscape, and the ability to adapt is crucial. Our expanded feature set provides charities with the flexibility to do so, responding to three important criteria: 

  1. Meet Supporters Where They Are: Social media preferences vary, and we know there’s untapped potential in all of the available social media platforms. By expanding beyond Facebook, charities can meet supporters on Instagram, TikTok, and more, tapping into new audiences and offering specific fundraising opportunities.
  2. Diversify Fundraising Portfolios: Long gone are the days of relying on one source of fundraising income. With our JustGiving integration, charities can run entire fundraising campaigns off of Facebook, diversifying their portfolio and creating sustainable income streams.
  3. Streamline Operations: Our integration simplifies and streamlines your fundraising operations. Charities can now create, steward, and report directly on JustGiving fundraisers—all within GivePanel.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what Michelle Batson at Brain Tumour Research, had to say about this latest feature set: 

We’ve found this functionality to create such a seamless journey for our JustGiving supporters as well as make our stewardship process a lot more streamlined.  We’ve found that the integration has been hugely beneficial for shining a light on JustGiving [...]. It’s great to give our supporters the choice of platform but also have the functionality to steward them effectively.

Michelle Batson - Digital Engagement Coordinator, Brain Tumour Research

Get started 

If you're ready to kickstart your 2024 social fundraising complete with our JustGiving integration, visit our dedicated JustGiving integration help article center to get our step-by-step guides to the latest feature releases. 

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