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What is the GivePanel Academy?

New: The GivePanel Academy is now the Digital Fundraising Academy!
We are excited to let you know that as of 1 May 2023, the GivePanel Academy has become the Digital Fundraising Academy. Find out more and apply to join the Digital Fundraising Academy today!

What would your reaction be if we told you that there was a place where you could receive expert knowledge, hands-on coaching and peer-to-peer support for Facebook fundraising? And then, if we said this place would result in your nonprofit generating more Facebook fundraisers, more income, more supporters and more long-term loyalty? 

Excited? We thought so. 

What is the GivePanel Academy?

Welcome to the GivePanel Academy where your journey into Facebook fundraising begins. It sounds like a magical place, I hear you say, but what actually is it? To put it simply, it is our answer to helping nonprofits succeed at Facebook fundraising. With dedicated monthly training sessions and coaching calls, we provide expert knowledge and hands-on learning to help you generate more:

  • Facebook fundraisers
  • Income
  • Supporters
  • And long-term loyalty.

We probably don't need to tell you how amazing we think the GivePanel platform is for Facebook fundraising, but even the best tools can only take you so far which is why we offer the Academy support. 

With the Academy, you join a group of like-minded fundraisers who are dedicated to learning the strategies and tactics that will help drive more fundraising income.

Have we mentioned that Facebook also likes to keep us on our toes? If you've already had some experience with Facebook fundraising, you'll know that things don't stay the same for long and it can be a pretty confusing place! Strategies and tactics are constantly evolving, so the Academy is a great way to keep up-to-date with all the latest recommendations and adapt easily to get the most out of Facebook fundraising. 

How does it work?

The GivePanel Academy is a community at its heart and we firmly believe that we can all learn from one another. That's why we've set up the Academy to include as much hands-on learning as possible, where we can chat and understand what issues each nonprofit might be facing. 

The Academy includes:

  • Monthly training webinars hosted by experts in the field of Facebook fundraising. These sessions cover everything from Facebook challenges to birthday fundraising if there's a Facebook topic, we've got it! 
  • Monthly coaching calls hosted on Zoom where nonprofits can ask questions and discuss with experts and other charities for support. The calls are a great opportunity to learn from others and find solutions on the spot. 
  • An active Facebook Group where nonprofits can connect with each other and where our experts will hang out and respond to posts.
  • Access to our online Academy Training Portal which has recordings of ALL training webinars and resources. Each monthly session is recorded and added to the Academy hub so you can return to it again, and again...and again (really, there's no limit!). 
  • Exclusive first chance to test new GivePanel features that are in BETA. This has previously included Custom Fundraisers, Automated Email Journeys, Facebook Reporting API and In-Memory features. Being a guinea pig has never sounded so good, am I right? 

Screenshot of the GivePanel Academy Facebook group

Screenshot of the GivePanel Academy Training Portal

What impact will I see?

The GivePanel Academy is an awesome place to increase your knowledge of Facebook fundraising and receive support in putting this knowledge into practice to achieve results for your nonprofit. By joining the GivePanel Academy and following our strategies you will:

  • Raise £/$/€ tens of thousands through Facebook Challenges.
  • Increase average raised per fundraiser by 30% through improved messaging strategies.
  • Acquire up to 50% of Facebook birthday fundraiser contact details (which means lots of new supporters for your organization!).
  • Increase non-fundraiser Facebook income through innovative new campaigns. 

But don't just take it from us. In our recent 2022 Academy Survey, 93% of our current members said that they have applied useful learnings from the Academy into their professional work! Additionally, almost 80% said that there is not a regular issue faced in their role that the Academy hasn't helped to address. 

And if that wasn't enough stats for one day, here's one more over 93% of our current members would recommend the GivePanel Academy. 

Mic drop. 

Who will support me?

Alongside a host of fundraising experts and GivePanel staff, you'll meet Tom! Tom is GivePanel's Customer Success Manager, and is the go-to-person for the Academy. If you join, you'll see him hosting all of the coaching calls, sending you calendar invites for the sessions (so you don't forget!) and supporting you to find the answer to life's problems (well, maybe just the ones related to fundraising...). 

Photo of Tom with a pink circular background

Tom says "the Academy is an awesome way to connect with like-minded fundraisers who are also trying to get the most out of their Facebook fundraising. We can support you by teaching you everything you need to know and help to guide you through running your own Facebook Challenges or other Facebook fundraising campaigns. The knowledge gained really is invaluable and will make a real difference to your fundraising efforts.

Here are Tom's top five reasons to join the Academy: 

  1. The community! Our members are always willing to share learnings and support one another so it is a great experience for everyone. 
  2. The coaching calls are a real hub for discussion, exploration and innovation. I always leave a group coaching call feeling excited for what lies ahead.
  3. The wide range of fundraising content that the Academy delivers. We cover everything from challenges, birthday fundraisers to In-Memory, FB Ads clinics and group management... there's tons!
  4. The training portal. It's a great resource because we know all of our nonprofits are really busy so can't always make the live sessions. All of our training webinars are recorded and uploaded to the portal which means you don't have to miss a session! You can rewatch and work through the modules at a time that suits you.
  5. And finally, (this one is a biggie) learning from the experts! Whether it be support in our Facebook Group or the sessions we deliver, the training offered by experts in their field is invaluable and the best way to keep up to date with all of the latest updates and advances in social fundraising.

The details

The GivePanel Academy is a fantastic investment for charities looking to maximize their Facebook fundraising results.

The cost for nonprofits per year is USD $2,500/ EUR €2,500/ GBP £2,500. 

This cost includes two people (or seats) from one organization and these can be transferred at any time to suit your team. Extra seats are $/£/€ 500 per year.

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