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How using GivePanel gave one charity the power to thank its fundraisers and successfully launch Facebook Challenges

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Having successfully run its first Facebook Challenge in 2021, Prostate Cancer Foundation was keen to expand and grow its Facebook fundraising income.

The organization initially joined GivePanel so that they could have sight of their fundraising data and thank fundraisers, stewarding them on to various journeys. Since 2021, Prostate Cancer Foundation have also used the platform to launch and manage Facebook Challenges which have continued to attract Fundraisers to support the nonprofit.

We caught up with Ashley Hunter, their Marketing Director, to find out more.

Set the scene

Who is Prostate Cancer Foundation?

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is the world’s leading philanthropic organization dedicated to funding life-saving prostate cancer research. Since PCF’s inception, and through its efforts, patients around the world are living longer, suffering fewer complications, and enjoying better quality of life. PCF is committed to creating a global public square for prostate cancer, in service to our mission of ending death and suffering from the disease. 

The Facebook Challenge model was a natural fit for the nonprofit as they have a strong and recognizable brand, a cause that affects many people personally and a large band of supporters already on Facebook. 

They chose to run a second 100 Miles in March for two reasons: 

  1. Their audience enjoys the Challenge and the community participation in the Facebook group
  2. It was an opportunity to expand their reach to attract new supporters that may have never heard of their organization
What people are saying
GivePanel is incredibly useful in running our Facebook Challenges as we can easily set up an event and start tracking all of the registrants and fundraisers right away. We are also able to send emails to participants directly from GivePanel and thank every fundraiser right away. Without using GivePanel, it would be almost impossible to easily launch the challenges.
- Ashley Hunter
The challenge

100 Miles in March

A Facebook Challenge is a virtual event that runs solely on Facebook and leverages the power of social networking through ads, groups and fundraisers. This means: 

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • More fundraisers
  • And no fundraising platform costs!

Prostate Cancer Foundation launched its 2nd annual 100 Miles in March Challenge this year and it was very successful. Ashley mentioned how their audience really enjoys participating in the Challenge and sharing their progress in the Facebook group. In fact, group engagement was so successful, that the team managed to achieve an average raised per active fundraiser of $287.60!

The nonprofit are looking to continue their Facebook fundraising success with two planned Challenges a year and when asked if they would recommend Facebook Challenges to other nonprofits, Ashley stated:

Yes, I would absolutely recommend that other charities/nonprofits try launching Facebook Challenges. It is such a great way to create community and give everyone an easy way to support your organization.

The GivePanel difference

Meeting supporters where they are

With‭ ‬GivePanel‭ ‬you can run virtual events and challenges entirely on Facebook and manage all your data with ease‭. ‬Our Facebook Group event registration forms sync with Facebook transaction data so that you have all your data in one place‭. ‬Our fundraiser engagement and messages tools mean that you can give Facebook fundraisers the experience they deserve resulting in more contact details collected and funds raised‭.‬

GivePanel‭ ‬gives you the analytics and reports you need to track campaigns and enables you to build custom imports for your CRM‭. ‬All of this saves significant staff time‭, ‬allowing you to focus on what matters‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬fundraising‭!‬ When we asked Ashley what has changed for them since joining GivePanel, she answered: 

Having GivePanel has really made it so much easier to connect with our Facebook fundraisers and track fundraising totals. Prior to using GivePanel it would take the team a great deal of time to pull data directly from Facebook to locate fundraisers and calculate fundraising totals. Now the team is easily able to upload data from Facebook to GivePanel and filter through an enormous amount of data very quickly.

As well as our online platform‭, ‬GivePanel‭ ‬offers a range of consultancy and outsourcing services for nonprofits to help them get to the next level with Facebook fundraising‭.‬

The results

The Challenge in numbers

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Final thoughts

Top tips from Prostate Cancer Foundation

  • Treat Facebook Challenges as campaigns and not one-off events
  • Choose a Challenge format that is easy to understand, accessible and doable whilst still having that Challenge-worthy edge
  • Make the most of the GivePanel dashboard to thank your supporters and gain insight into event data for a clear picture of your Challenge
Ashley Hunter
Prostate Cancer Foundation

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