Facebook Birthday Fundraisers hit $1 billion – how your nonprofit can benefit

Facebook has just announced that since their Giving Tools launched in 2015, $2 billion has been raised for good causes around the world. That’s phenomenal!

But what’s more phenomenal is that $1 billion of that has been raised by Birthday fundraisers ALONE.

When people donate their birthdays to your cause, it’s a wonderful thing. In a world full of consumerism, it’s encouraging to see so many people opt for a donation to their favourite cause in lieu of a birthday present from friends and family.

Did you know that Facebook was inspired to create the ability to fundraise via their platform after the viral sensation that was the ice bucket challenge that raised millions for the ALS Association? That was the first major indication that people were willing to donate via social media. Facebook then developed their fundraising tools for nonprofits, which is not only free for nonprofits to use but they also receive 100% of the donation, due to zero processing fees.

We built GivePanel to make it easier for nonprofits to manage their fundraisers and to help them give their fundraisers the best supporter experience possible. When your cause starts to get hundreds of fundraisers at a time, it’s important to say ‘thank you’, to help them reach their goal and to provide value exchange in order to get their details so that you can keep in touch with them and build a long, lasting relationship. It’s also useful to see a visual dashboard of how much you’ve raised!

One of our clients, Breast Cancer Care/Breast Cancer Now, has raised a staggering £2.6 million through Facebook Fundraising, which is going a long way to help them support people affected by breast cancer.

According to UK Fundraising, the Alzheimer’s Society has raised £1.2 million, Cancer Research UK has raised almost £6 million in the last year alone and Help for Refugees has raised £2.7 million. If you haven’t turned on Facebook’s Giving Tools, you’re seriously missing out.

So how can your nonprofit encourage more people to set up a Facebook fundraiser for your cause?

One way is to simply ask! Why not post on Facebook asking your fans to consider setting one up? Don’t forget to give them a compelling reason though by telling the story of one of your beneficiaries or by showing them the impact their fundraising would make.

Another way is to set up some adverts to promote Birthday fundraisers. We’ve got a guide to help you!

Marletts Birthday Fundraiser post

Don’t forget about email. If you’re sending out an e-newsletter, don’t forget to include a section on how they can support you by setting up a Facebook fundraiser.

We believe that Facebook fundraising is only just getting started. Facebook reported that over 45 million people created or donated to a fundraiser. With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, there’s still so many people who have yet to donate to one or start one. And that’s exciting. We can’t wait to see how much more is raised for good causes next year!

Struggling to manage your Facebook fundraisers? We can help. Watch our demo to see why nonprofits are choosing GivePanel.

*Cover image by Facebook’s newsroom 

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