Facebook Ads Power-Up for Facebook Donate: Another game-changer in the world of Facebook fundraising

Facebook Ads power ups for Facebook Donate

We are an excitable bunch at GivePanel but even so this new update from Facebook has got the team even more animated than usual.

It’s something as a digital fundraiser I’ve been asking Facebook for since 2017! 

The day has finally arrived and it feels like Christmas morning! 

So what exactly is happening? 

Read on below, or sign up for your copy of the slides from our Facebook Donate Power-ups webinar, that took place on Thursday 30 September 2021.

*Note: You may not yet see these capabilities in your Ads Manager view yet as Facebook are in the process of rolling out these new products throughout the rest of September and October. Both On-Facebook Donation ‘checkout’ and the 2 new Custom Audiences will roll out to your Ad Manager accounts simultaneously in the next few weeks. At GivePanel, we wanted to make you aware of these new products as soon as possible, given that we are coming up on the giving season, but keep an eye out for them in your own Ads Manager over the next few weeks!*

Facebook Donate Power-Ups

Nonprofits are getting some really cool “power-ups” to the way Facebook Ads work with Facebook Donate.

Here is how Facebook describes it:

Nonprofit organizations who are onboarded to the Facebook Fundraising tools now have the
option to bring their donation advertising campaigns onto the Facebook platform with
On-Facebook Donation Ads. This new signal-resilient product enables your organization to
benefit from Facebook’s personalized advertising solutions with two new Custom Audiences:
previous donors and previous fundraiser creators.

On-Facebook Donation Ads will enable you to measure conversions, your return on ad spend
(ROAS) on Facebook within Ads Manager and understand which ad tactics, such as creative or
audience, work best.

Your donors will also have the opportunity to share their contact information with you in a
privacy-safe way if they choose, so that you can reach them via your CRM in the future.

So what are we so excited about?

These are the improvements that we’ve been asking for:

  • Ability to send ads direct to Facebook donate is a super slick frictionless experience
  • Use Facebook donate as a conversion point for Facebook ad optimisation
  • Custom audiences for donors and fundraisers that come through Facebook donate

This is an absolute game changer!! 

Why these Facebook Donate changes matter

So just why is this so amazing I hear you ask.

Here are just 3 effects that I think will happen:

  1. Because your donors won’t have to leave Facebook it means your conversion rates will go up radically (in my guestimation maybe by 2 or 3 times) this means if your cost to acquire a donor before was $100 it might come down to $50 or $30. 
  2. It means you can optimise for donations without pixels and iOS 14 issues. Not only will your ad budget get more donations but these donations will help your ads “dial in” to the right audience, further improving your results. 
  3. “But we don’t get the data” is a constant cry we hear.  Aha! Now you’ll be able re-target donors with Facebook ads, communicating with them with all sorts of content, stories, calls to action etc. 

We promise you. This will change everything. 

Get the Info from GivePanel’s Facebook Donate Power-ups Webinar

We want to help nonprofits understand more about how this will all work so you can be one of the first to take advantage of it. Especially with year-end campaigns coming up. 

With this in mind, we encourage you to download the slides from our Facebook Donate Power-ups webinar, that took place on Thursday 30 September 2021.

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