Event Registration Forms for Facebook Challenges: The secret to getting 93% conversion rates

Recently, there has been a leap in popularity of the Facebook Challenge Model, where organizations are recruiting Facebook Fundraisers by asking people to take part in a virtual challenge.

Here at GivePanel, we’ve developed a section in the platform called ‘registrations’ to help make managing this process easier. 

How to use event registration forms for Facebook Challenges

By using GivePanel forms for registrations, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now your event registration data is in the same place as your Facebook transaction data.

With registrations now switched on in your account, you have the option to create a second type of form called the ‘Request Event Registration’ form. This is the form you will need to use to capture registrations to your Facebook Challenge. 

In following this challenge model you will include the event registration link in your hyper engaged Facebook Challenge Group, inviting members to register.

And the best thing about using event registration forms for Facebook Challenges?

93% of those people that open the form complete it

One thing we want to do more of here at GivePanel is be fully transparent about the performance of the platform – not enough nonprofit tech companies do this.

We’ve worked hard to make the form super simple, making the user feel like they haven’t left Facebook. The form is also optimized for mobile and desktop. We constantly measure things so we can improve them to get you even better results. Yes, we really are that lovely. 

We’ll say that again for those at the back – 93% of those people that open the form complete it! 

These forms are also linked to your event, so when a registration comes into your GivePanel account, it’s automatically associated with this event, making the user feel like they haven’t left Facebook. The form is also optimized for mobile and desktop.

The forms have been crafted in a way that makes them feel like native Facebook forms (so they convert better from groups). This is also why they are getting a 93% conversion rate (boom!).

More information on registrations, event forms and matching can be found in our knowledge base.

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