Facebook Business Manager Best Practice: How to stay compliant when running Facebook fundraising campaigns

Despite the wonderful benefits of Facebook’s Giving Tools, we know that nonprofits all over the world can have issues with their Facebook Business Manager accounts.

These problems can affect Facebook Ads that are running to reach new supporters, payouts of those hard earned donations, and more. If these issues happen in the middle of a fundraising campaign, they can make events like Facebook Challenges stop half way through. This is potentially a massive issue happening to more nonprofits than any of us would like!

These issues are broadly under what we call “Facebook Business Manager Compliance”, a term given by GivePanel’s wonderful help and support team, who have been documenting the different roadblocks nonprofits may encounter, and what you should do when faced with a compliance issue on Facebook.

To help you overcome any problems you might face, this article gives an overview of these issues and some top tips on how to overcome them, including the more terrifying worst case scenario – Facebook turning off your Giving Tools!

Disclaimer: We have done our best to ensure the information in this article is accurate and up-to-date at the time of writing. However, we can’t be held responsible for any Facebook issues. 

Why we created this Facebook Business Manager compliance guide

When we started writing this article, the real pain points that we were hearing about from lots of nonprofits was that they were getting their Facebook Giving Tools switched off or not receiving payments. In the worst case scenarios, this would happen in the middle of a Facebook Challenge – disaster!

What typically happens is Facebook might reach out for verification, these messages usually go into the nonprofit’s Facebook page support inbox (more on this later) and it’s this inbox no one seems to know about. Nonprofits then miss the messages and Facebook could continue with pausing payments, or turning off giving tools as Facebook haven’t been sent what they asked for

We encourage charities (like you!) to create a process to:

  1. Make your teams aware of their page support inbox, and;
  2. Make sure they regularly check it.

That way, you can keep their Facebook Business Manager compliant and keep those Facebook Challenges and fundraising campaigns up and running!

But why would Facebook check your nonprofit’s Facebook Business Manager account?

Why Facebook might investigate or pause your Facebook Business Manager account

Facebook Payments International Limited, which processes donations for European based nonprofits, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. As a regulated payment services company, Facebook Payments International Limited must follow anti-money laundering laws.

This means that Facebook is required to ensure the information they have about a charity Facebook page that has access to Facebook fundraising tools is up to date.

As part of their regular reviews, they might reach out for more information. Facebook state this information is for verification purposes only and will likely be:

  • Information for validating your bank account (the one that they transfer your funds to).
  • Information for validating the identity of the named financial admin of your Facebook Page.

It is super important the named financial admins are kept up-to-date and any requests from Facebook are met as soon as possible.

Where will Facebook’s compliance communications be sent and how do I know where to look?

These requests will come via a message from Facebook into your Page Support Inbox.

Not everyone knows about this inbox, and these messages can easily be missed. From what we’ve seen so far, missing these messages and not acting on the request for more information is the most common reason for Facebook to temporarily withhold payments or pause your Facebook Giving Tools; preventing supporters from creating a fundraiser for your nonprofit.

We are working on a process that organizations can follow in the hope it helps to prevent payments from being withheld or your Facebook Giving Tools from being paused.

Things to consider for your Facebook compliance process

1. Regularly check your page support inbox for messages From Facebook

To avoid missing messages from Facebook, including requests to review documentation complying with anti-money laundering, we recommend checking your Page Support Inbox at least once a week. You don’t receive standard notifications for these messages.

To find your Page Support Inbox:

  • Head to your Facebook Page
  • Navigate to Page Settings
  • Then, go to the Page Support Inbox tab listed in the left hand navigation bar

Note: Users with low level permissions may not be able to see everything an admin can in this section.

2. Audit your page financial admins often

On a quarterly basis we recommend auditing who is listed as the financial admin on your account to make sure they are still working at your organization. We also encourage making sure as part of the staff exit process, your list of financial admins are checked again.

If the financial admin is about to leave or has left, a new financial admin will need adding to your Facebook Page. Scroll down to read more about Facebook’s guidance on how to change the Financial Admin listed on your organization’s Facebook Page.

To find out who is listed as your page’s Financial Administrator:

  • Head to your Facebook Page
  • Navigate to Page Settings
  • Then Page Roles

Note: Users with low level permissions won’t be able to see page roles.

What will Facebook ask you for?

It depends on what they are wanting to validate. Documents typically requested for a review include:

1. Validating your bank

A bank document dated within the past 6 months that clearly shows the following information:

  • Name of Charity: Full organization name matching the name on the charity registry.
  • Address: Full address matching the address on the charity registry.
  • Bank Account: Full bank account number that matches the payout account on file.
  • Bank Information: Official bank contact information and logo.

They recommend a bank statement dated within the past 6 months that includes the above information. Once this request has been made, it is usually required within 14 days, otherwise Facebook payouts can be placed on-hold.

2. Validating the financial administrator on your account

Proof of ID for [FINANCIAL ADMIN]. This ID should be a valid, government-issued photo ID (preferably a passport). Military IDs, state-issued IDs or driver’s licenses may also be acceptable.

The copy of your ID must be completely unaltered and in color, with all corners showing. You may have to take a photo or photocopy of both the front and back of your ID to make sure all of the following information is visible:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Issuer
  • Expiration date

You can submit the ID by attaching the image(s) in a reply to Facebook’s message in the Page Support Inbox.

For more information on what types of IDs they accept, we recommend visiting Facebook’s Help Center.

Has your Financial Admin left your organization? The successor will need authorizing

Facebook will require the following business documents:

  • Utility or phone bill. NOTE: It cannot be older than 6 months.
  • Local Business License that is government issued. NOTE: It cannot be expired.
  • Business Tax filing. NOTE: Can only be for the previous tax year.
  • Certificate of Formation. NOTE: Can only be up to 50 years old.
  • Articles of Incorporation. NOTE: Can only be up to 50 years old.

These need to be accompanied  with a written statement from an executive in your organization, authorizing the new financial administrator.

The statement must meet the following requirements:

  • Written on the letterhead of the organization AND include the organization’s Facebook page URL or tax ID.
  • Include the new Financial Admin’s name, personal Facebook account URL, AND email address.
  • Signed and dated by an executive in the organization.

For additional info on the business documents that Facebook accept, visit Facebook’s website.

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