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GivePanel Sub-Processors

Below you will find an up to date list of GivePanel’s Sub-Processors, and the date on which they were appointed by GivePanel. Where a Sub-Processor has been appointed by GivePanel prior to the entering into of any Master Agreement, the entering into of the Master Agreement shall be deemed written notice as required under clause 1 of the Data Processing Agreement.


  • Google Cloud (incorporating Firebase and Firestore) – January 2019 – We use Google Cloud as the main underlying infrastructure behind GivePanel. It’s where we host files and store data. Their servers are based in: BELGIUM, (europe-west1) and NETHERLANDS (europe-west4) https://cloud.google.com/security 
  • SendGrid/Twilio – February 2020 – We use SendGrid for sending GivePanel emails (i.e. anytime you get an email notification from GivePanel). We also use SendGrid for the Email Journey feature that send emails to your supporters. They are based in the USA. https://www.twilio.com/security
  • Postcoder – December 2020 – We use Postcoder to look up postal codes and return the correct address and a consistent format. They are based in the UK https://postcoder.com/docs/security
  • Zapier – August 2021 – We use Zapier to allow our customers to automatically connect their GivePanel to the other services that are connected to Zapier. https://zapier.com/privacy
  • MongoDB – October 2021 – MongoDB is a document-oriented database within the Google Cloud Platform. We use this for data storage. It provides improved processing and scalability for our systems, in turn providing our customers with faster load times and improved data queries. https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/trust