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How to grow your Facebook Challenges with the Digital Fundraising Academy

Facebook Challenges, and all digital and social-first fundraising for that matter, can feel like stepping onto a never-ending escalator. It’s always moving, and always changing, and there’s always a new trick or trend popping up that can help you up your game.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at hosting Facebook Challenges or have just tossed your hat into the ring with your first event, there’s always room to level up a notch or two. And who better to glean insights from than the experts at the Digital Fundraising Academy? 

We talked to Carla McLuskie, who leads the Academy, to find out how to make your nonprofit's Facebook Challenges even better and keep their impact going after the event. 

What is the Digital Fundraising Academy?

As Facebook Challenges continue to thrive and social-first fundraising becomes increasingly vital, nonprofits need to ensure they're equipped with the necessary skills. Elevating both your fundraising strategies and your team's expertise is essential for maximizing your impact.

Enter the Digital Fundraising Academy – your go-to resource for honing skills and staying ahead of the curve. Packed with invaluable tips and advice, it's your key to success in Facebook Challenges and all aspects of digital fundraising.

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We offer everything from the nitty-gritty of developing high-conversion Meta Ad campaigns to crafting the kind of supporter experiences that keep folks engaged and ready to jump into action. And the best part? It’s all served up in a mix of formats—live webinars, bite-sized articles, short courses you can tackle in your own time, group coaching sessions, and even 1-2-1 support for when you need a little extra guidance.

The Digital Fundraising Academy also offers a FREE Strategy Session to non-members. This can be used to explore your Facebook fundraising plans and make sure you are on the right track to smashing your targets.

So whether you're brainstorming new ideas or looking for ways to increase visibility for your Facebook Challenge, the Digital Fundraising Academy community and resources are here to support you.

Facebook Challenges in 2024

Back in 2019, there were a small handful of charities running Facebook Challenges. Competition was low, in-person events were limited, and costs were generally less than what we see today. Now, Facebook Challenges have become commonplace in a charity’s event and community fundraising arsenal and a valuable income source for many. 

But many nonprofits still underestimate the power of social media, like Facebook, in fundraising.  According to the latest giving report from Charities Aid Foundation, social media stands out as the primary means through which supporters discover a charity, second only to personal experiences and recommendations from friends and family. 

Social media isn't just about raising money; it's also a way to make more people aware of your charity, reach a larger audience, and build a community of supporters. With Facebook Challenges, you not only raise money but also have a chance to continue your connection with your supporters even after the event is over.

So let’s delve into actionable strategies for taking your Facebook Challenges to the next level and ensuring their lasting influence, enabling you to thrive in the dynamic world of social-first fundraising.

The importance of branding

First up, let’s look at one of the key factors that can make the difference between a good Challenge and a great one from the get-go: branding. Not to be overlooked, branding can create a sense of identity for your Challenge that keeps supporters coming back for more. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. 

The purpose of your branding is to give your Challenge its own identity so it connects with your charity but also stands out in the crowd. Think about it like this: Your Challenge is like a big party you’re throwing online. You want it to reflect your style and the heart of your cause, but also to be the get-together everyone's talking about. 

Whilst not a new trend, at the Digital Fundraising Academy we have seen an upsurge in charities going the extra mile to create a brand around their Challenges. It's a proven method for taking your Facebook Challenge to the next level by enhancing its impact and engagement. 

Some examples from seasoned professionals include the Mater Foundation, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, and Diabetes UK, who have all got their branding down to an art form. By making their Challenges stand out from the rest, they’re both memorable and share-worthy.




  • Pick a theme that matches your charity’s colours but play around with the font or imagery to create a unique identity.
  • Keep the name of your Challenge simple - it should spell out what you want your supporters to do.


  • Throw your logo on everything. 
  • Make up a catchy name for your Challenge that loses all meaning. 

Check out this blog on creating a buzz with your Facebook Challenge branding for more top tips on making a lasting impression. 

Make supporter relationships that last 

Now, let’s talk about the afterparty—because the fun shouldn’t stop once the Challenge is over. Now's your opportunity to transform the excitement from the Challenge into a long-lasting connection. And to do this, you need to think about how you’re going to communicate with your supporters post-Challenge. 

Instead of herding everyone into a one-size-fits-all mailing list, let’s think about creating a more tailored experience. This is your golden opportunity to keep the conversation flowing. After all, these amazing supporters just went all out for your cause, so don’t let that enthusiasm fizzle out. By reaching out with messages that feel personal and heartfelt, you’re not just saying thanks; you’re building a long-lasting community of supporters who feel valued and connected to your cause.

You can nurture these relationships to steer them into becoming regular donors, or to take part in a future campaign for your cause. 

To kick off the conversation, send a message that feels like a warm hug. You could say:

“Hey there, superstar! Can you believe it’s already been a month since you absolutely crushed that 50 mile Challenge? Here’s a little peek at the awesome impact you’ve made with your hard work…” 

By keeping the tone friendly and upbeat and the content related to the impact the supporter has had on your cause, you’re encouraging the relationship between supporter and nonprofit.

Ultimately, hosting Facebook Challenges is an adventure—a chance to connect, engage, and make a difference, all with the power of social media. But like any good adventure, the journey doesn’t end at the first milestone. It’s about continuously exploring, learning, and growing the connections you’ve made in the first place.

Join the Digital Fundraising Academy

If you’re looking for the next step up in your Facebook Challenge and social-first fundraising journey, join the Digital Fundraising Academy for expert advice and support. Membership includes access to the Digital Fundraising Academy’s on-demand library of training resources, invites to monthly group coaching sessions, expert webinars, and 1-2-1 support.

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