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How Teenage Cancer Trust brought learnings from their previous challenges into this one to raise over £1.8 million

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Teenage Cancer Trust held two very successful Facebook Challenges in 2020 and were looking to use all their learnings for thier 2800 Squats in February Challenge.

Teenage Cancer Trust realized in order to increase registrations and fundraisers they needed to make the journey as frictionless as possible for the team to deliver a great experience to their supporters.

With the Facebook Group growing by 1,000 members per day, the team needed to concentrate on two areas: t-shirt fulfillment and giving each group member the best stewardship possible.

They needed to have immediate access to these registrations to fulfill those orders quickly.

Set the scene

Who is Teenage Cancer Trust?

Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. They will each need specialized nursing care and support to get them through it. Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.

What people are saying
Our target for registrations was 6750 for this Challenge. We ended up with 39,000+ registrations and, using GivePanel’s Facebook event registration tool, we could see registration data live, make quick decisions ensuring we gave our supporters the best experience possible.
- Rachel MacKenzie
The challenge

2800 Squats in February

A Facebook Challenge is a virtual event that runs solely on Facebook and leverages the power of social networking through ads, groups and fundraisers. This means: 

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • More fundraisers
  • And a chance to meet supporters where they already are!

By using GivePanel’s Facebook event registration form, Teenage Cancer Trust were able to offer their supporters a seamless journey in the registration process. Seeing all the registrations appearing live in GivePanel also meant the team could anticipate the end-of-day figures, shipping t-shirts quickly which encouraged fundraiser setup and participation in the Challenge.

The GivePanel registration form is optimized for Facebook Challenges with the option of putting the t-shirt selection at the top of the form, improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

The ‘mobile first’ designed form included Teenage Cancer Trusts logo and has the look and feel of still being in Facebook, encouraging supporters to fill in the form without delay. Most importantly, the team were able to match supporters’ registration data with Facebook Fundraiser data in GivePanel, saving a huge amount of admin time.

The marketing opt-in on the GivePanel registration form performed very well. Tailored to Teenage Cancer Trusts GDPR requirements, they were able to capture email data for over 14,000 supporters (55%) for further marketing.

With the increase in media spend on this challenge and their past experience, they factored in additional in-house resources to manage timely t-shirt fulfillment, posted on-page messages to every fundraiser via GivePanel, and increased the team managing Facebook group moderation.

And the results speak for themselves!

The GivePanel difference

Meeting supporters where they are

With‭ ‬GivePanel‭ ‬you can run virtual events and challenges entirely on Facebook and manage all of your data with ease‭. ‬Our Facebook Group event registration forms sync with Facebook transaction data so that you have all your data in one place‭. ‬Our fundraiser engagement and messages tools mean that you can give Facebook fundraisers the experience they deserve resulting in more contact details collected and funds raised‭.‬

GivePanel‭ ‬gives you the analytics and reports you need to track campaigns and enables you to build custom imports for your CRM‭. ‬All of this saves significant staff time‭, ‬allowing you to focus on what matters‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬fundraising‭!

The results

The Challenge in numbers

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Final thoughts

Top tips from GivePanel

  • Ensure you adequately resource your team or outsource additional help for t-shirt fulfillment during a Facebook Challenge – believe us when we say, it’s a biggie!
  • If you’re a GivePanel customer, take advantage of our Improved Registration Forms with 1-Click Fundraiser Activation to make the journey for your supporters even easier.
  • Give each supporter the best possible journey by following GivePanel best practices of on-page messaging, comment messaging, and group engagement. Speak to a member of our team to find out more!

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