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How to tackle hidden Featured Posts for your Facebook Challenge with Get Your Stories Straight

Meta's recent adjustment to Facebook Groups may appear trivial at first glance, but its implications on your Challenge income could be profound.

Highlighted by Get Your Stories Straight, a digital agency based in Dublin, the crux of the issue lies in the diminished visibility of Featured Posts, previously known as Welcome Posts. Now tucked away behind a dropdown menu on mobile devices, these posts risk going unnoticed by a significant portion of users. This seemingly minor alteration has already shown its teeth, potentially cutting fundraising revenue by 15% to 20%, as evidenced by the impact seen in Facebook Challenges from January to March of this year.

Adrian O’Flynn, Head of Creative and Innovation at Get Your Stories Straight, sheds light on this issue and offers five actionable recommendations for nonprofits eager to confront this challenge head-on.

The Problem: Decreased Visibility of Featured Posts

For many nonprofits running Facebook Challenges, Featured Posts are a vital piece of real estate within a Facebook Group. Here, charities can share with supporters how to register for an incentive, activate their fundraiser, and provide general information on making the most out of their Challenge experience.  

In previous years, these Featured Posts were displayed prominently at the top of the Group but with Meta’s recent updates, are now hidden behind a dropdown menu on mobile devices. This means that new members may struggle to find crucial information like registration links and fundraising details, leading to reduced participation and fundraising efforts.

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The impact has already been felt across the nonprofit sector. Adrian highlights an example: a single nonprofit suffered a staggering loss of between £50,000 - £100,000 in a recent fundraising Challenge. Unsurprisingly, they were unaware that this small change was the root cause of the problem.

So what’s the solution? The Get Your Stories Straight team has shared not one, but five recommendations for nonprofits to try in their next Facebook Challenge. Watch Adrian’s quick video or keep reading for a breakdown of each suggested solution.

Recommendations by Get Your Stories Straight

1. Send Extra Emails Triggered from Facebook or Instagram Lead Form

Get Your Stories Straight suggests sending additional automated emails to users who have completed a lead form. These emails will contain important information about registration and how to set up a fundraiser.

The supporter journey typically starts with a participant filling out a lead form. After that, they are directed to join a Facebook Group. Within the group, Featured Posts provide instructions on how to register for an incentive and kickstart their fundraising efforts. While this process used to be effective on its own, Adrian noted that their team stopped recommending extra emails in between. However, they now believe these emails are essential to ensure supporters receive the necessary information to begin fundraising successfully.

These emails should be short and simple, and focus on guiding recipients through the registration process for the Challenge incentive.

For clients of Get Your Stories Straight, there are dedicated resources available to help set up these email journeys using third-party platforms. Additionally, sign up to hear about the upcoming GivePanel email tool which will let you instantly communicate with supporters from within the GivePanel app as soon as they submit a lead form.

2. Direct People to the Featured Section via the FB Group Cover Photo

The team’s second suggestion focuses on using the cover photo of your Facebook Group to draw attention to the Featured Posts section, making it simpler for members to access crucial information.

Traditionally, the cover photo has been used to showcase the branding of the Facebook Challenge, featuring the Challenge title, and an image relevant to the activity. However, Get Your Stories Straight has experimented with multiple clients to repurpose this space, guiding supporters to explore the Featured Posts below. As the initial focal point for supporters entering the group, this approach ensures that the Featured Posts rightfully take center stage.

Include a simple CTA on your cover photo to ‘click the Featured tab’ with an arrow pointing downwards. Need help with sizing? Get the guide to the specifications required in our blog.

3. Create a New Member Intro

Get You Stories Straight’s third recommendation is to implement a new member intro, which is essentially a pop-up message. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep it simple: Most people tend to overload this message with information but now is not the time to be diving into Group rules or content about your cause. Since it appears on mobile, it needs to be short, sweet, and to the point.
  • You can’t include links in the new member intro.
  • Avoid clicking ‘Show Cover Photo’: It’s better to leave this blank to ensure the attention is on the Challenge name and your one line of straightforward text.

4. Direct People to the 'Featured' Section from the About Section

In the About section of your Facebook Challenge group, you can also direct people to the Featured tab.

Use this section to provide a brief overview of the Challenge and a clear call to action directing members to the Featured Posts for further details.

5. Tag @everyone under a Welcome Post Every Monday

The team’s fifth and final recommendation encourages engaging group members by tagging them in a weekly welcome post. This reminder prompts them to check the Featured Posts section for crucial updates and information regarding the Challenge or event. Get Your Stories Straight's top tips are to:

  • Use this tagging feature sparingly.
  • Opt for Mondays at 5pm to target supporters who have signed up over the weekend.

In the realm of fundraising Challenges and events, every detail matters. Meta's change to Facebook Groups highlights the importance of adaptability and proactive measures to ensure the success of your fundraising efforts. By implementing the recommendations provided by Get Your Stories Straight, your nonprofit can mitigate the impact of hidden Featured Posts and continue to grow your fundraising potential.

Get Advice from the Experts

Get Your Stories Straight is a leading digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland, specializing in helping charities maximize their fundraising efforts through strategic social media advertising. With a team of seasoned professionals, Get Your Stories Straight provides tailored solutions to nonprofit organizations, ensuring they reach their fundraising goals effectively and efficiently.

Get in touch with the Get Your Stories Straight team for expert and up-to-date advice on managing your social-first fundraising. Whether you're looking to improve your social media advertising campaigns or navigate the challenges of fundraising in the digital age, their team is here to help.

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