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    How to come up with your next (winning) Facebook Challenge idea
    Virtual fundraising events on Facebook have been incredibly successful in engaging supporters and raising funds for nonprofit organizations all over the world in recent years. However, with the consta...
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    10 reasons why your Facebook Challenge isn't performing (and how to fix it)
    Picture this: you’ve set up your Facebook Challenge, you have supporters in your Facebook Group and you’re sending out the incentives. But the worst has happened… people aren’t fundraising. It’s the s...
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    In-Memory Fundraising: How to raise more on Facebook during Awareness Months
    As the summer starts to fade away and the leaves begin to fall, we mark our calendars with special awareness moments, days and months. Whether it’s remembering a child during Child Cancer Awareness Mo...
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    How to run an In-Memory Facebook Fundraising campaign for Father's Day
    Father’s Day is typically a day of celebration. But for many, it’s really a day of remembrance. At a time of grief, fundraising can give people a reason to take their heartache and turn it into hope. ...
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    4 steps to engage your Facebook Group and get them fundraising
    Facebook Groups are at the heart of the Facebook Challenge fundraising model. But what is a Facebook Challenge? Simply put, as an organization you choose a trackable goal for your supporters to comple...
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