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    How Canteen raised over $1 million from Facebook Challenges by creating a hyper-engaged community
    As one of the first GivePanel customers to run a Facebook Challenge in Australia, Canteen has seen huge success with Facebook fundraising, raising over $1 million for their cause in the last two years...
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    Best practice for Facebook Challenge Ad Creatives (and the common pitfalls to avoid!)
    For thousands of people, Facebook Challenges represent a fantastic offer - quick and simple sign-up, flexible participation, huge communities and tons of support. But for nonprofits, they only offer a...
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    Fundraising for Crisis with $100k+ raised Facebook Challenges
    Peer-to-peer virtual fundraising challenges, or Facebook Challenges, have more often been associated with large, health-related nonprofits. Yet some organizations or those who don’t work in the health...
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    Is optimizing Facebook Ads for lowest cost per lead giving you the best Fundraisers? 
    The standard acquisition strategy is for Facebook Lead Ads to recruit as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible. But are nonprofits sacrificing quality for quantity by focusing too much on th...
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    How to create a new digital income stream with Facebook Fundraising as a nonprofit in Australia
    Facebook Challenges and Birthday Fundraising can open the door to a whole new stream of digital income and new supporters for your nonprofit. But what exactly are Facebook Challenges and Birthday Fund...
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