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    How to plan the perfect Facebook Challenge in 2023
    Like many nonprofit organizations, your charity will likely be planning its fundraising mix for the year ahead and deciding what campaign or activity to include. But, if you're yet to try your hand at...
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    What KPIs should you be paying attention to with your digital fundraising?
    Measurement, particularly in digital fundraising, could be the difference between a successful campaign and a complete flop. In my last blog, I covered what tools your nonprofit needs to accurately tr...
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    3 practical things you can do right now to track your digital fundraising activities
    The longer I spend working in digital (over 20 years now – yikes!), the more I’m reminded that data and measurement are foundational to everything we do. You can have the most creative, inspiring camp...
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    Why you should prioritize Facebook Ads during the Holiday Season
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year... to shake up your Facebook advertising strategies! Okay, so that might not have quite the same ring to it, but we stand by it – and in this guide, we’re goin...
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    How to plan the perfect Facebook Fundraising Challenge in 2022
    Planning a Facebook Challenge can feel daunting at first – how do you come up with a challenge idea? How do you reach your supporters to get them involved? How much should you aim to raise for your ch...
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    Facebook Challenge Benchmarks: What should your charity be aiming for?
    If you’re planning a Facebook fundraising challenge for the first time, it can feel like taking a slightly scary step into the unknown. They’re clearly very popular and effective, but where do you sta...
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